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The cheapest Oculus Rift prices and Oculus Quest sales in July 2020

Cheap Oculus Rift sales deals and prices
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So you're here for the best and cheapest Oculus Rift prices, but did you know there's a new Oculus in town in the form of the portable and almost-equally as powerful Oculus Quest? The 2019 device has solved the problem facing many VR hopefuls since Rift's release in 2016; the expense of a gaming PC rig to support it. While the Oculus Rift is still the most highly powered device on the market, you can get a portable, wireless model for the same price in the form of the Quest. 

The flagship Oculus Rift headset has since been refreshed for 2019 and renamed the Oculus Rift S. It's backed by world-class technology, has a growing library of games and apps, and now you can get it at its cheapest price ever. That's because the Oculus Rift price was permanently reduced a while back making it much more affordable. You're saving a few hundred notes now, which we always love.

If you're looking for an even cheaper solution, the Oculus Go offers some of the best prices on a VR headset around. While you won't have access to the more flagship gaming titles, and the specs on offer here are far more modest than those of the beefier machines, the Go is perfect if you want to dip your toe in virtual waters for a low price. 

Oculus Rift prices

When searching for an Oculus Rift sale price, you should always make sure that you're looking at the latest Rift S version. The new Oculus Rift S was released in March 2019 and replaces the original 2016 Rift on store shelves. It offers a lighter, more comfortable overall experience with better audio solutions and an improved display to reduce screen-door effect. Make sure you're purchasing the latest model by looking out for that S at the end of the name, you may even see a price increase when trying to buy the original Rift device, though few still remain out in the wild.

The Oculus Rift S is the standard PC-powered virtual reality headset we've all come to recognize. It remains a wired device, which may impede your free movement if it weren't for the extra cable length offered straight out the box. With improved tracking courtesy of new external cameras on the headset itself, you won't find yourself stumbling over the lamp of stubbing your toe as much either. 

The Rift S is now easy to set up and use, with the removal of tricky tracking procedures and finnicky sensor positioning entirely. Plus, with a whole roster of flagship VR titles available through the Oculus Store you'll never run out of virtual worlds to explore. 

To run the Oculus Rift S on full spec you might need a dedicated gaming PC, so make sure yours matches up by checking out the minimum and required specs as suggested by Oculus. 

Looking to upgrade your PC gaming setup further? Check out our latest SSD deals to give your PC a speed boost before you hook it up to a Rift. Or, if you're looking to switch to a flashier CPU, be sure to keep an eye on the best processor sales we've come across this month.  

cheap oculus deals sales and prices

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Oculus Quest prices

The Oculus Quest price often matches that of the Rift S and yet the latest Oculus headset offers an almost parallel experience to the flagship device with added portability and boundary tracking features. If you want a high-quality VR experience without spending big on a PC to support it, the Quest is for you. 

There's a lot of back and forth surrounding which headset comes across better on paper. While the Quest's 2560x1440 resolution outperforms that of the Rift S, its lower refresh rate may let more attentive eyes down. The Rift may well outshine the Quest if it's hooked up to a top of the range gaming PC, but if you don't have one of those at your disposal Oculus Quest does a pretty good job of making you think you do. 

Oculus Quest opens up a world of virtual reality wherever you find yourself. The all-in-one unit takes the portability benefits of the Go and the game library and tracking capabilities of the Rift S and serves it up in one OLED display and Snapdragon 835 processor. Make sure you bring a charger with you, however - the two-hour battery life of the Quest reflects the power it's capable of during play sessions. 

If you're looking to use your Oculus Quest with SteamVR compatible games, there are streaming workarounds but they aren't officially supported. As it stands, Oculus Quest will not work natively with your Steam library in the same way Oculus Rift S will. 

Oculus Go prices

If the Oculus Quest looks a little pricey and you're not ready to invest in an upgraded rig for the Rift, there is a cheaper way to enjoy Oculus VR and that's by taking a look at our Oculus Go sale prices.

The Oculus Go is a standalone VR experience that does not require any extra equipment like a powerful PC, gaming laptop or modern smartphone. It has everything it needs built into the headset. You also get a hand-controller which makes interacting with menus and playing games much easier than trying to select things with your face.

The visual quality isn't quite up there with the full-sized versions and you can't lean in to make things appear closer, but the other degrees of head movement are covered in a huge range of apps and games available from the Oculus store. 

It should be noted that the Oculus Go device runs from a different store to the Oculus Rift and Quest headsets. Many of VR's favourite titles aren't available for the Go, due to its technical limitations. That said, there's still a wealth of intriguing titles available for the Oculus Go - just be sure you're looking at the right storefront. 

So if you're after a fun VR experience beyond those dodgy headsets you slot your phone into, then we'd seriously advise you check out the latest Oculus go prices below.

Oculus Touch controller deals

Oculus Touch is a pair of motion controllers with buttons that provide a more intuitive way of interacting with select Oculus Rift S games. The controllers come bundled in with most Oculus Rift deals, and certainly those sold by official retailers. 

The controllers, which let you interact with VR games and apps by moving your arms around and pressing buttons, originally cost a rather steep £190/$199 for the pair, essentially bringing the overall cost much closer to the HTC Vive VR setup. 

On the plus side, the controllers have been reduced to a much more attractive £99/$99, making them an essential purchase if you bought the headset before it was bundled with the controllers.

How much does the Oculus Rift cost?

In the UK, the original recommended price was £549 and $599 in the US. Thankfully, it's recently been reduced and you can now pick one up for £399/$399. Feel free to bookmark this page though to keep an eye on the best Oculus Rift prices as they are updated daily to reflect the best online Oculus Rift deals out there.

Will my PC run Oculus Rift S?

That's a good question, and certainly one to ask before splurging out on the Rift S virtual reality lid for your rig. Handily, Oculus provides minimum and recommended specs so you can check if your setup can handle it. If not, it might be time to upgrade or simply invest in an Oculus Quest headset. 

If you're starting out from scratch and want to build your own Oculus Rift S ready rig, check out TechRadar's article below.

Can I use the Oculus Rift S on the PS4 or Xbox One?

Not on either so far. Sony has its own headset with PlayStation VR for the PS4, so we're not expecting Oculus Rift S compatibility any time soon. As for Oculus Rift S on the Xbox One, it's also a no, but with a potential 'maybe' further down the line. Oculus teamed up with Microsoft to include a PC/Oculus-compatible Xbox One controller with the retail release of the headset, so there's already a relationship to potentially build on. Microsoft's HoloLens VR/augmented reality headset has been very quiet of late and hasn't really been pushed as an Xbox One headset, leaving plenty of room for speculation that the Oculus Rift S will make it's way to the Xbox One.

Can I use Oculus Rift S on my phone?

Get out. Oh, you must be confusing the Oculus with the Samsung Gear VR. Samsung's headset is far cheaper and is made for mobile apps, rather than full-fat PC experiences. Well worth a look though if you have a compatible Android mobile phone. As things stand, your phone would probably melt faster than the sets-on-fire-for-fun Galaxy Note 7 if you tried convincing it to even look at an Oculus Rift.