Games on-demand with new Xbox Live update

Xbox Live - Microsoft's superlative online gaming service just got a little bit better with the latest summer update this week

Microsoft's latest summer update to the Xbox Live dashboard brings gamers full original Xbox 360 games on demand this week, along with the option to pimp out your Xbox persona in the new Avatar Marketplace.

If you log in to Xbox Live you will be automatically prompted to install the update, with Microsoft assuring gamers that there will be no downtime on the service throughout the week.

Pwning Texan teens

In addition to the (lazy gamers') new Xbox Live games-on-demand service finally becoming fully functional this coming Thursday, gamers will also get the aforementioned Avatar Marketplace, along with community game ratings, improved party controls and a re-jigged Indie Games channel.

For more news on the pricing of Microsoft's new games on-demand, you can check out the news from earlier this month.

And check out Microsoft's Xbox site for the full low-down and detailed list of all the other new features to tempt you into spending even more time enjoying your precious spare time by pwning unknown Texan teens on Call of Duty...

And while they haven't arrived with this week's update, Microsoft still plans to add Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM to the Xbox 360 later in 2009.