Death Star, Jabba's Palace and Cloud City confirmed for Star Wars Battlefront

Death Star, Jabba's Palace and Cloud City confirmed for Star Wars Battlefront

Though it had tremendous production values and a solid foundation at launch, many couldn't shake the emptiness of Star Wars Battlefront – its paltry number of locations and gameplay options left many feeling short-changed with the end product.

While the core game didn't initially inspire much enthusiasm for its pricey season pass, today's confirmation that the game will be heading to such classic locations as the Death Star, Cloud City and Jabba's Palace might just sway some players back to the dark side.

EA's announced release schedule includes tentative dates and details for four season pass expansions, as well as free content which is set to drop between now and March.

The free content includes additional multiplayer modes for the Tatooine map, and some nifty Hoth-themed costumes for Luke and Han.

These are the locations we're looking for

The first premium expansion, set to arrive in March 2016, takes players to the galaxy's Outer Rim, with battles taking place in Jabba's Palace on Tatooine and the factories of Sullust.

The next expansion, set to arrive in in the middle of this year, promises an "action-packed experience set in the Cloud City of Bespin."

Coming a few months later, the next expansion brings the action to one of the most sought-after locations in the Star Wars universe – the Death Star.

Finally, a fourth DLC expansion has been announced for early 2017, and while details for it have yet to be disclosed, we have to assume it will be a Battle of Jakku-style Rogue One tie-in that finally answers the question of just how many Bothans died to bring the rebellion information on the Death Star II.

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