This is how much Star Wars Battlefront is really going to cost you

Star Wars Battlefront DLC

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has only been out for a few days, and it seems like all anyone can say about the game is nice, positive sentiments. (Well, unless you spent the majority of your weekend playing the Rebel Forces on Hoth, in which case you might feel the game is the digital embodiment of Jar Jar Binks.)

However, like a young, bright-eyed Anakin Skywalker, that might all change once you learn how much EA wants to charge you for four DLC packs and a "Shoot First" emote.

The company announced today that the season pass will cost $50 (around £32, AU$68), and will allow gamers to download and play maps two weeks ahead of anyone buying the DLC á la carte.

Add that to the $60 you pay for the base game and you now have a solid down payment on the sweet Star Wars Battlefront special edition PS4.

Of course this isn't the first game to offer costly DLC nor will it be the last (EA and Activision typically offer these sort of deals for their annual Battlefield and Call of Duty releases), but this is a particularly painful blow for players riding the high of the pretty exceptional beta.

The Star Wars Battlefield beta officially ends on October 13, but will see a full retail launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 17.

Nick Pino

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