Battlefield 1 PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders already available for under £38

cheap battlefield 1 deals

UPDATE: The price has gone up £3 since we originally published this article. The game is still about a fiver cheaper than anywhere else though.

Battlefield 1 is looking more impressive each time we see it in action and after EA's showing at E3 last night, we've been scouring the net for a decent pre-order deal.

We didn't expect to see one this good though. Simply Games is taking orders for the PS4 and Xbox One versions for just £37.85, that's £4.90 cheaper than the next best deal at GameSeek. After that, most stores are charging £45-£50.

This preorder also includes the Hellfighter DLC as detailed below:

"Hellfighter Trench Shotgun – Combat battered shotgun, etched with the Hellfighter insignia and "Men of Bronze" on the receiver and the unit number 369th on the barrel along with the carving "Go Forward or Die France 1918" on the wooden stock. Hellfighter M1911 – Reliable and timeless sidearm still used in action today affectionately called "old slabsides", etched with the Hellfighter insignia on the breech and "Men of Bronze" on the muzzle.

Hellfighter Bolo Knife – Fearsome blade etched with the Hellfighter regiment number 369th that makes your enemy feel homesick at first sight. Hellfighter Insignia – Wear this emblem to show your belonging to the elite Hellfighter unit and-in-still fear on the Battlefield."

Sure the October 21st release date is some time off yet, but for a Triple A EA game, that price is fantastic as you'll rarely see one of its games preordering for under £40 and once they're out, they'll usually take ages to discount.

Battlefield 1 takes the series to World War I, a setting often ignored in games. Many gamers have been tiring of the modern/near-future military shooters of late and have been clamouring for a return to WWII. This could be even better. Not so sure how we'll fare charging tanks with horses though online.

Brendan Griffiths

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