Battlefield 1 open beta lets you ride horses - or a train - into battle this month

Battlefield 1 open beta lets you ride horses - or a train - into battle this month

You won't have to wait until October to get a taste of Battlefield 1, as EA is setting up an open beta this month for the Great War-themed multiplayer brouhaha.

The open beta goes live August 31, though players who sign up for Battlefield Insider with their platform of choice by August 21 will get access even earlier, EA announced.

In addition to both PS4 and Xbox One, PC fans will be able to get in on the beta through Origin - making up for Titanfall 2's open tech test, also announced today, which is for consoles only.

Battle on

Battlefield 1's open beta's map, Sinai Desert, will feature the fan-favorite Conquest and Rush game modes, supporting up to 64 players in a single match.

Players will take to the trenches with special features new to the Battlefield series, including three special classes - the Sentry, Flame Trooper, and Tank Hunter - ridable horses, and a drivable Armored Train.

For those who miss the beta, the completed version of Battlefield 1 hits stores October 21 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Origin. If getting a headstart is your thing, an Early Enlister Deluxe Edition is also available, letting players jump in early on October 18.

Oh, and to celebrate Gamescom this week, Battlefield 1 also dropped a new trailer showcasing brand new gameplay, including the Armored Train, to help get you on the hype train.

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