Firefox 69 is more secure than ever, and you can download it now

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Mozilla has released Firefox 69, with new security features to help protect your privacy online, and stop advertisers stalking you around the web.

Firefox's Advanced Tracking Protection, which first appeared in October as an optional setting, is now enabled for all desktop and Android users by default. It works by blocking third-party tracking cookies, which monitor your activity as you move between sites.

Over time, this data can be used to build up a unique profile, which can then be sold or shared (often without your knowledge or consent).

According to Mozilla, over 20% of users have already chosen to activate Advanced Tracking Protection, but the feature will now be activated for everyone unless they decide to opt out. You'll know it's working when you see a small blue shield icon in the address bar.

Miner inconvenience

Advanced Tracking Protection isn't the only new security technology activated by default in Firefox 69 – cryptocurrency miners are now blocked as standard as well.

Miners usurp your device's resources without your permission when you visit an infected site, and use them to mine cryptocurrency for their creators without your permission. Mozilla introduced a tool to block them in May, and has now made it part of the browser's default settings.

Mozilla also released anti-fingerprinting technology in May, which prevents advertisers using your device's unique hardware settings to follow you around the web. It hasn't chosen to enable this as standard yet, but you can switch it on by changing the browser's Privacy and Security settings to 'Strict'.

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