Firefox 63 launches with improved tracking protection


Mozilla has launched Firefox 63, offering improved protection from tracking cookies to prevent third parties monitoring your activity as you move between sites.

The updated browser will give you the option of deactivating third-party cookies while leaving others alone (so you shouldn't see ads following you around the web, but you'll remain logged into sites).

To find the option, go to 'Firefox options' > 'Preferences', and select 'Privacy and security'. Under the heading 'Content Blocking', click the checkbox beside 'Third party cookies' and select 'Trackers (recommended)'.

Mozilla has made several other tweaks too. If you're a PC user, Firefox 63 will detect whether you're using Windows' dark or light theme, and adapt accordingly. It's now possible to use a voice command to open a new tab on Firefox for iOS, and there are various new tools available for developers.

Firefox users in the US will also notice a change them they open a new tab. Instead of just presenting recommendations from Pocket, the browser will now also offer two search options: Amazon and Google.

More changes

The launch of Firefox 63 comes just after Mozilla started a trial involving promoting a premium VPN service within Firefox. When they connect to an unsecured wireless network, a small handful of randomly selected users in the US will see a popup suggesting that they subscribe to ProtonVPN for $10 (about £8, AU$14) per month.

Mozilla picked the Switzerland-based VPN provider due to its privacy policy, which promises not to store data on users' browsing habits, and the two companies will both take a cut of the subscription fees.

Cat Ellis

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