EE's best ever SIM only deal gets you 160GB of data for only £20 a month

EE SIM only deals
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When it comes to bagging a SIM only deal, one of the best things about them as opposed to a pay-monthly contract is you're likely to get far more data for your money. EE is taking that and rolling with it in one of the best SIM only offers we've seen.

In this 24 month SIM only contract, you'll get a beasty 160GB of data for only £20 a month, alongside unlimited minutes and texts. Coming with 5G connectivity, slip into your 5G-ready handset and binge, upload, scroll, and stream without fear of ever running low.

Already exceptionally good value for money, EE's SIM only deal comes with the usual perks provided by the network. Get Britbox and Apple Music free for six months, as well as BT Sport for three months.

Get the downlow on EE's best SIM only deal:


EE SIM: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">160GB data | 5G ready | unlimited minutes and texts | 24 months | £20pm
With Apple Music and Britbox thrown in for free for six months, as well as BT Sport for three months, EE also brings you the kind of data package that allows you to truly make the most of these freebies with a whopping 160GB of data to blitz through. All for only £20 a month, you can also benefit from 5G connectivity when using a 5G smartphone with plenty of SIM free <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant=""">5G phone deals out there to choose from.

Why to snap up an EE SIM only deal:

When it comes to competitive pricing, EE isn't always the best. There are plenty of other retailers out there that offer more bang for your buck. However, with this 160GB SIM, EE is certainly shaking things up. What's more, EE is certainly a network who's reputation precedes it as the UK's biggest network.

Winning the UK's best network for seven year's in a row, EE has also been awarded the title of the UK's no.1 5G network. In short, then, EE offers a strong coverage nationwide, giving customers the reassurance that, whilst they may pay more here than elsewhere, they'll get the very best service. Plus, if you look hard enough, there are certainly some decent EE phone deals out there worth taking a look at.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons shopping directly at EE is a good choice. With huge money off savings across a variety of handsets, as well as good value SIM only deals, you can also benefit from free add-ons to your package depending on the kind of plan you go for. Get six months of Apple Music for free. For sporting fans, why not opt for three months of BT Sports on EE? The same goes for Prime Video or Britbox depending on the kind of extra content you're after.

Leading the way for 5G in the UK, you can benefit from the speediest generation of mobile connectivity in 112 cities and towns, too.

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