Did Samsung accidentally reveal a unique Galaxy Note 20 design feature?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Image credit: Future)

An upcoming phone will almost always receive leaks and rumors to give people a glimpse at the device before it's released, and the biggest of these are when the company accidentally reveals a detail itself. This may have just happened as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 just showed up on the Samsung website.

As spotted by SamMobile in the 'Rewards' section of the Samsung US website, a line-up of three smartphones is shown. One is the Galaxy S10 Plus, another the Galaxy S20, but between them is a phone which doesn't look like any Samsung device we've seen before.

This phone, presumably, is the Galaxy Note 20 then. Certain features like the thinner chin underneath and bezel above suggest this is a more advanced phone than those which flank it. It's also more angular than the other phones it's shown with, as the corners are less smooth, another trait of the Note phones.

The image doesn't tell us a huge amount about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, partly because the phone is slightly concealed by the S10 Plus and it just shows the front of the phone. But there is one huge detail shown here.

Before we move onto that, it's important to note that this may be an image made by Samsung for illustrative purposes rather than a accurate Galaxy Note 20 leak. We've asked Samsung to confirm if that's the case, and we'll be sure to update this piece if we hear back.

Where's the front-facing camera?

The leaked image, which may have the Note 20 in the center.

The leaked image, which may have the Note 20 in the center. (Image credit: Sammobile)

The depicted phone has no front-facing camera cut-out, neither in the centre (as in the S20 and Note 10 phones) nor to the right (like in the S10 series). One possible reason is that the snapper has been moved to the left of the display.

Either that, or the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could have a camera that sits under the screen, as rumors have suggested could be the case. This would let the phone have a display which takes up its whole front, with no screen space taken up by a notch or bezel for the lens.

This is a cutting-edge idea, one which no phone on the market currently has, and it has so far been unclear when a phone with this feature will be created. 

It was previously reported the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 wouldn't have such a snapper because the tech wasn't ready, so it's unclear why that would be different for the Note 20.

Of course, it's possible that the phone depicted in the image was created by Samsung just for illustration purposes too. We expect to see further leaks of the Galaxy Note 20 in the coming months as we're expecting to hear about the device in August 2020.

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