Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could take the best bits of the S20 and Note 10

The Galaxy Fold 2 might have a smoother screen than the original Fold, above (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is likely to launch later this year, and an extensive specs leak has just revealed many of the possible details, pointing to a device that borrows from both the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The specs list, shared by Ross Young (a display industry analyst), includes mention of a 120Hz refresh rate on the main display. That’s up from 60Hz on the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, and a match for the Galaxy S20 range. So interactions should feel smooth.

That main screen is apparently 7.59 inches with a 2213 x 1689 resolution and a punch-hole camera. Supposedly Samsung wanted an in-screen snapper but the tech wasn’t ready.

The screen will also apparently use Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which should make the screen feel more like a traditional smartphone display than the plastic screens of foldables like the Motorola Razr.

In any case, that refresh rate is what the Fold 2 might borrow from the Galaxy S20. As for the Galaxy Note 10, Young claims that the new foldable comes with an S Pen stylus like that phone, which should help you make the most of its big screen.

Regarding the front display, that will apparently be 6.23-inch and 2267 x 819 with a 60Hz refresh rate and a punch-hole camera. Both screens will apparently be OLED.

This of course is just rumors for now, and from a source who isn’t known for Samsung smartphone leaks – albeit one who’s likely well-connected and is trusted by Max Weinbach (himself a leaker with a good track record).

So this information may well be true, especially because much of it lines up with things we’ve heard before, but we’d still take it with a pinch of salt for now. We’d expect plenty more Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rumors in the run up to its launch, and TechRadar will be sure to cover all the credible ones, so stay tuned for more information.

Via GSMArena

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