Classic N64 Star Wars Podracer game heading to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Was Star Wars Episode I the only film in history where it's tie-in games were better than the movie itself? On the strength of N64 classic Star Wars Episode I: Racer, that might be true. Good news then! It's getting a Nintendo Switch and PS4 remaster.

Originally release back on Nintendo's console and the PC in 1999, the racing game (based on the actually-very-good podracing centerpiece sequence of the first Star Wars prequel) will be making its way to modern consoles on May 12.

The port comes courtesy of Aspyr, who have previously worked on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ports and Jedi Academy.

According to Elizabeth Howard, Aspyr's VP of publishing:

“The beloved game has been modernized for the most optimal gaming experience on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Star Wars fans should get ready to steer their racer to victory and leave their opponents in the dust.”

Very positive there, then.

Not to be confused with the PS2 title Star Wars Racer Revenge, the port offers 25 playable characters, a tonne of clever tracks across the Star Wars universe, split screen races, a hearty campaign mode and a really fun podracer upgrade system that sees you visiting Watto the junk merchant's shop with the winnings from your races. It all holds up very well today.

You're looking at $15 (about £12 / AU$24) when it launches.

Gerald Lynch

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