Buying Windows 10 PCs on Newegg gets simpler with Microsoft's new tool

Windows 10 Advisor

Microsoft and Newegg has made buying a Windows 10 PC or laptop a little less complicated. 

The two firms have developed a new web software tool called the Windows 10 Advisorthat is designed to guide customers through the process of buying the right device for their needs, Tamebay reports.

The shopping tool is available above product listing pages for Windows 10 laptop products, and the link sends you off to a separate page that asks the user several questions about their desired laptop. 

Starting with price, the guide then narrows down options for you by how you plan to use the laptop, whether that be for personal use or work and what the primary laptop will be used for therein, e.g. web browsing and gaming.

If you select gaming, the tool even drills down into which kinds of PC games you’re into. Each of the three options you’re given per question can be selected at once, and includes additional information if you’re not sure what ‘strategy games’ or ‘Windows Hello’ are.

Once you finish answering the questions, the tool immediately spits out a recommended laptop based on your needs. The tool even includes reasons as to why it recommended the laptop based on your answers, and suggests related laptops that are a bit more expensive. And, finally, you can provide feedback based on the experience.

This is an interesting move by Microsoft in that the firm is directly involving itself in the sale of products running on its interface. Considering how this tool could be helpful for would-be laptop buyers across the internet, it’s easy to anticipate more retailers partnering up with Microsoft on this ahead of back-to-school season and the holidays.

Now, whether a move like this would see those increases in PC sales boost even higher remains to be seen entirely.

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