Beyond Good: Ubisoft just made some of its best PC games free

Want some free PC games? Of course you do, and fortunately Ubisoft has no less than seven freebies on offer right now and through the weekend – and these are quality games, too.

The catch? Well, you won’t have to pay a penny, but you will have to sign up to Ubisoft Club (which offers various discounts and rewards to members), and then you can download the ‘Ubi30 PC giveaway’ bundle. Also note that you’ll have to do so before the end of Sunday (December 18), when the offer expires.

So which games comprise the magnificent seven? Beyond Good & Evil, for starters, and while it might be some 13 years old now, this is still regarded as a classic slice of gaming action which is atmospheric, immersive and a cracking little tale in general.

Then there’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a much more recent outing which offers over-the-top action aplenty, and is just a blast in terms of pure and simple fun.

The prince and the assassin

Other games include the enjoyable action-adventure romp Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the first Splinter Cell outing, Rayman Origins, vast open-world online racing game The Crew, along with Assassin’s Creed 3.

All of these are games that Ubi has offered for free throughout the course of this year. There’s a good mix of newer and older stuff, and frankly a staggering amount of gaming time wrapped up in this bundle, particularly considering the grand price of absolutely nothing.

Ubisoft is also running a free weekend on The Division, so if you’ve been mulling getting on board with this tactical shooter, now’s your chance to give it a good whirl and see if it’s worth buying for good.

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