DTS unveils Neural Surround for consoles

Neural Surround gives 7.1 audio from a 5.1 channel soundtrack
Neural Surround gives 7.1 audio from a 5.1 channel soundtrack

Full 7.1 audio is coming to gaming, thanks to DTS Neural Surround technology, launched yesterday at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Using existing technology built into the systems, DTS Neural Surround is able to convert a normal 5.1 signal - whether analogue or digital - into real-time, discrete 7.1 soundtracks on the Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and via PC.

"Our goal is to give developers the audio tools to help them create gaming experiences more immersive than ever before," said Mark Tuffy, Director of Business Development at DTS. "With our DTS Neural Surround technology, games will deliver true 360 degree gaming for the first time ever."

Prototype is prototype

Prototype on Xbox 360 will be the first title released using DTS Neural Surround, on June 26, however games using the DTS Neural Surround technology are currently under development for all platforms.

"You've come to expect this level of sound quality with your Blu-Ray movies, why not games?" says Tuffy, who, prior to DTS, was Director of Games at THX. "With DTS Neural Surround Audio, you'll experience the game's audio exactly the way the designers intend."

"When a rocket flies over your head and explodes over your left shoulder, or a ten foot tall demon with a chainsaw creeps up just behind your back… you'll hear it exactly like that - in incredible, location specific detail."