This $100 Apple iTunes gift card is on sale for just $85 today

You're probably going to spend $100 on iTunes, eventually whether it's for yourself or a gift, and, good news, today you can get the Apple gift card on sale.

It's just $85 for an iTunes gift card, and it works just as well in the App Store and comes via email delivery. No physical shipping is involved whatsoever.

It works across all of Apple's digital platforms, meaning you spend the $100 on apps, games, music, movies and those pesky monthly iCloud fees that are kind of necessary now.

Is there a catch? No, we've ordered this gift card before and it saved us $25. You just have to nab this deal in time, as half have already been claimed.

Spend it on some new iOS 11 AR games

Spend it on some new iOS 11 AR games

What you should spend this iTunes gift card on

Okay, you should really save this iTunes gift card for a gift, as the name implies, with the holiday season right around the corner. It's like an early Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 deal.

However, if you're buying App Store content yourself anyway, this deal works, too, and you'll have enough new content to buy thanks to the iOS 11 update. 

There are new iOS 11 AR games that launched with the update last month, and they work with anything newer than the iPhone 6S and any iPad Pro or the iPad 2017.

If you're into games, we also have our best iPad games and best iPhone games lists, both free and paid-for. And our best iPhone apps and best iPad apps lists is here for you, too.

Saving $25 on everything from apps to the iCloud subscription is hard to pass up if you're probably going to spend more than $85 in the long run anyway.

Matt Swider