AOC’s latest 27-inch monitor wirelessly charges your phone while you work

AOC has unleashed a new 27-inch monitor which has a PLS panel and boasts the ability to charge a smartphone if you place the handset on the stand.

Yes, the AOC P2779VC has built-in Qi wireless charging, so all you need to do is lie your phone down on the stand to juice it up – providing that your mobile supports Qi charging, of course.

As for the monitor itself, the 27-inch screen has a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and it uses a PLS panel as mentioned, with wide viewing angles (like IPS), and a “true 8-bit color depth that results in incredible color accuracy” according to AOC.

It also benefits from an anti-glare coating that helps defend against fingerprints and other unsightly marks on the screen.

Sleek and secure 

You also get a sleekly designed monitor with thin bezels, and a Kensington security slot allows you to lock the device down to the desk it sits on.

In terms of connectivity, there are two HDMI ports, along with a VGA connector and an audio jack for your headphones.

Other specs include a response time of 5ms (gray-to-gray) and a brightness of 300cd/m2, along with a dynamic contrast ratio of 20 million to 1.

AOC’s P2779VC is supposed to retail at a recommended price of $250 (around £200, AU$340), although it’s already listed on Amazon in the US at $200 (around £160, AU$270) – while it’s not in stock yet, the monitor will be later this month.

Hopefully the display will make its way over to the UK soon enough, as well.

Via: Digital Trends

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