A new Kindle update means I don't need to rely on my PC any more

Amazon Kindle Oasis
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Like all Kindle owners, I like reading on my Kindle Oasis, but I have to admit that I use my PC a lot more than I'd like. It's simply easier to browse the library and pick up books on a browser than it is with the ereader's built-in store.

A new Kindle update seeks to fix that though, as it brings a few changes to the Kindle Store to make it much easier to find a new book to buy.

According to Amazon, this update will give you more access to filters and collections, will let you change between grid and list views, and will let you see more of your most recently read books. The company also seems to be integrating the Kindle Store into the Kindle's home screen more.

It's not exactly clear what's new design-wise from the last Kindle home screen redesign, which rolled out at the beginning of 2022, but with the update arriving "over the coming weeks," according to the company, we should find out soon.

All Kindle Oasis devices are compatible with the update, as well as standard Kindles from the 8th-gen model and Paperwhites from the 7th-gen one. You can find out which you own by going into your Kindle's Settings menu, then pressing Device Options then Device Info.

Bye-bye PC

As I said, I generally use my PC to find new Kindle reads, as I find the plentiful filters, collections, and menus really useful in picking what to read. I've used the Kindle in the past, but it's a bit slower to use, and I've found that I generally need to know what I'm searching for, instead of browsing freely.

Hopefully, the changes to the Kindle Store mean I don't have to boot up my PC to read a new book, though - the filters and collections sound like they could provide me with some useful suggestions, or ways of narrowing down the library. 

There are a few features like this available on the Kindle store already, and they're how I've used the ereader for books in the past, but they're not really comparable to the ones on the Amazon website.

When the update rolls out onto my Kindle, maybe I'll be able to write a glowing piece about how this changes the way I use my ereader - only time will tell.

Tom Bedford

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