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Valorant Act III roadmap released, teases new map Icebox, new agent

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Valorant is nearing the end of Act II of its Episode 1 in a few days. And now the developers have started trickling information about the upcoming Act III of the first Episode. It recently announced the changes being brought to competitive mode in the game with the upcoming update.

And now in a new blog, Riot Games has given us a look at the roadmap for Act III. The new Act would bring a new map to the game called Icebox and a new unnamed Agent. The blog mentions that the release of the new agent has been delayed by two weeks. This is to ensure that the patches are stable when launched. 

They also mentioned that they are concerned about the size of the upcoming update and want to ensure that none of the agents cause an issue with the new map.

New map: Icebox 

The new map will be hitting Unrated on October 13, following which it will be made available on competitive on October 27. It features two objective sites and has been described in the following manner, “An abandoned Kingdom research facility in the arctic wilderness is the next location to flex your aim and abilities. Pierce the dense snow cover as an Attacker to plant the Spike. And, outplay as Defender using ziplines to reach new and dangerous heights.” 

Act III Battlepass

With a new Act, comes a new battlepass which has revamped weekly mission progress for faster unlocks. It features additional Epilogue tiers and exclusive “Chilly McFreeze” Gun Buddy, “Radianite Hazard” Player Card, and other weapon skins. 

New weapon skins, Middle East and North Africa servers and new Agent 

The other major releases in this Act include Singularity bundle of weapon skins. Middle East and North Africa are getting their own servers and Riot is celebrating this by giving away the Dallah Gun Buddy which can be earned by logging in during October 28.

Riot Games held off announcing anything about the new agent apart from a few images to tease. But the rumors out there in the wild hint that the new red-head agent is apparently called Skye and she will be using animals as abilities.

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