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The best Sky TV deals, packages and Sky Q offers in February 2020

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We know that you've had enough of the tireless searching, the constant analysing and trying to keep up to date with all these Sky TV deals, packages and special offers flying around. 

That's why we're here to tell you to close those endless tabs and keep reading this page, because we've got the very best and latest Sky deals. Each week we take a look at the latest and best Sky TV packages to make sure that you're getting the very best prices when you decide to sign up.

So whether you're trying to decide which Sky TV package is for you, or you're questioning what Sky Q offers are out there or what it even is - then you've come to the right place.

And if you're looking to add a Sky broadband deal with your TV bundle, we've got you covered too! 

All you have to do now is scroll down the page and choose your ideal Sky deal, package or offer - we have plenty outlined for you. And if timing is your concern don't worry we constantly update this page, so you're definitely getting the most current and up to date offers.

The basic Sky TV package

What's the most basic Sky TV package?

Basically, as it stands it's pretty simple. The basic standardised Sky TV package comes at a flat cost of £21 a month which includes 300 Sky TV and over 35 Catch Up channels (pretty good value for money if you ask us). 

You can then personalise the package and get add-ons like Sky Box Sets, Netflix, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema (this comes at an extra cost). You can check out just below!

Sky Entertainment | £20 setup fee | £21 a month
For a flat rate of £21 a month you're getting over 300 Sky channels including Sky comedy, Sky atlantic, Sky sports news, Fox, MTV, national geographic and many more. 

Just to give you a taste of what these channels include, you'd be able to watch one of the most popular HBO shows ever - Chernobyl, as well as Modern Family, Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, Watchmen and many more.View Deal

Sky TV deals

The latest Sky TV deals

If you wan to check out the latest Sky TV deals and Sky packages you can go straight to the Sky website, but if you're asking us our top choice is the Sports + Entertainment + Cinema bundle which you find just below.

The good news is that as a new customer, once you purchase a Sky TV package, the Sky Q 1TB box (for £20) comes as part of the bundle. So you don't need to worry about having to purchase the device separately.

And if you're wondering what is a Sky Q 1TB box, what is Sky Q and do you need it, just keep reading as we explain this all below.

Entertainment + Netflix + Cinema |Sky Q 1TB box | £53 £35 a month | £20 one-off fee | 18 months
Now this is what we call a binge-worthy fest! With this package you're getting over 1,000 movies on demand in HD, over 300 Sky channels and full access to Netflix! And with Sky Cinema you're getting a new premiere to Sky Cinema every day. Simply click the above link to go to the latest Sky offers, and then select the TV option.View Deal

Entertainment + Netflix + Cinema + Sky Sports |Sky Q 1TB box | £84 £55 a month | £20 one-off fee |18 months
Calling all sports and entertainment fans, this is the bundle for you! With a choice of over 300 Sky channels, Netflix and Sky Cinema it's time to choose your next TV show to binge watch! Not to mention this is the ideal time to get Sky sports, with the Chelsea vs Man United match coming up and the F1 Australian Grand Prix! All you have to do is click the above link which will take you to the latest Sky offers and then select the TV option.View Deal

Sky Q boxes

What is Sky Q and do I need a Sky Q box?

Sky Q is a subscription that allows you to seamlessly stream and record in 4K , across multiple screens (depending if you purchase a 1TB or a 2TB Sky Q box). To access Sky Q you need a Sky Q 1TB or a Sky QTB box. If you need more information make sure you check out our Sky Q review.

All basic Sky TV packages come with a Sky Q subscription but this doesn't include HD, for an extra £5 per month you can get HD.

Now if you're deciding if you should pick between a Sky Q 1TB or a Sky Q 2TB box all we can tell you is that the 2TB box costs start from £50 (one-off) but they do come with a few benefits. These include being able to record six shows at once instead of three, while watching a seventh, you'd also get the fancier Sky Q Touch remote control, an extra tablet allowance, and you'll be able to enjoy select channels in Ultra HD.

And if you don't want it to be all or nothing there are also options to buy a 1TB Sky Q box and a mini box. Whichever you decide to get, we recommend visiting the Sky website to check out all the Sky Q boxes options and pick the ideal one for you.

Sky TV packages add-ons

All of the Sky TV add-ons

Sky TV deal add-ons are much easier to understand since the reshuffle. Better yet you get to customize and create your perfect Sky TV package, this is ideal for new or existing customers.

Sky TV in HD | £5 a month
This is one of the most essential add-ons to any Sky TV package. If you have a HD or 4K TV, you'll want to upgrade to HD and enjoy your content with five times more detail than the old standard definition pictures. View Deal

Sky Sports | £23 a month
Watch live action from all 8 Sky Sports channels, in HD as standard, with the Complete Sports pack. At £23 a month, it is the most expensive add-on so it might be worth going to the Sky TV website and checking if they have any bundles or packages with the add-on to see if it comes out cheaper.
View Deal

Ultimate on demand | £12 a month
With this add-on you're getting 1,000 shows on demand from Sky Box Sets to Netflix all in one single bundle– in stunning HD. These include Queer Eye, Law and Order, Stranger things, succession and many  many more! With a library packed with incredible series, we dare you to run out of shows to watch.View Deal

Sky Cinema |£11 a month
With a new premiere every day and over 1000 other films to choose from, the Sky Cinema is great for movie fans. You'll be spoilt for choice with this add-on, with plenty of movies from Aladdin, to Bad Boys, Crazy Rich Asians, Venom and many more!
View Deal

Sky Kids | £5 a month
A mere fiver a month grants access to over 4500 episodes on demand. There's more though as there are also 10 live channels. Don't worry about them hogging the TV though as you can also have up to 10 individual profiles on the Sky Kids app with shows tailored to the age of your little ones.
View Deal

Sky broadband and TV deals:

The latest Sky broadband and TV deals

Broadband Superfast + Sky Entertainment + Netflix + Cinema | 18 months | £39.95 one off set-up fee | 59Mb | £85 £52 per month
Now if Entertainment isn't enough for you, if you're trying to find the next binge worthy show then this package is for you! Not only are you saving an incredible 40% but you're also getting a new premiere on Sky everyday and you've got full access to Netflix (yes that includes Mindhunter and Queer Eye)!View Deal

Broadband Superfast + Sky Entertainment | 18 months | £39.95 one off set-up fee | 59Mb | £49 £39 per month
If you don't need that much TV channels and £52 seems like a bit of a stretch then we recommend this deal!  You're still getting over 300 Entertainment channels, new and exclusive Sky originals, award winning TV on Sky Q and those sweet download speeds of 59Mb.View Deal

How do I contact Sky by phone?

Can I order Sky TV deals on the phone?

You sure can! If you'd prefer to talk to a person to walk you through each step then you can phone 0800 014 2334 to sign up for a Sky TV package. We recommend having a good read through the sections above about each add-on first, just so you can go in with a good idea of what's available and you don't feel pressured.

What channels do you get on the basic Sky package? 

And what HD Channels do I get on Sky TV?

Sky's basic package gives you over 300 channels, including TV's familiar favorites such as BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, MTV, Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central and many more!

In terms of HD, with all packages you get at least the standard free to air HD channels. To be honest you also get a fair few of these with standard Freeview HD. If you sign up for Sky Sports, there's no longer an extra fee to be paid to get them in HD as the channels now show in High Definition by default.

And if you get the extra HD add-on for £5 a month you'd be getting 35+ all Sky channels in HD! Below, are all the channels that come in HD without the added £5 a month.

  • BBC One HD
  • BBC Two HD
  • BBC Four HD
  • BBC News HD
  • CBeebies HD
  • ITV HD
  • 4 HD
  • 5 HD
  • NHK World HD
  • RT HD

All of the latest Sky TV deals

All latest Sky TV deals