The Last of Us 2 safe codes: all locations and combinations revealed

the last of us 2 safe codes combinations
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Often in your adventures through Jackson and Seattle you’ll find The Last of Us 2 safes full of useful supplies. From crafting materials to supplements to boost your skills and weapon parts to upgrade your guns, it’s always worth trying to find the combination so you’re ready for your next fight. You may even find new weapons with which to protect yourself against the Infected and rival human factions.

For that reason we’ve put together a list of all The Last of Us 2 safe code solutions by chapter in chronological order, how to find each safe, and a breakdown of the loot contained within each locked box. However, while we've minimized story details, know that this guide will include mild spoilers, so read this guide with caution. With that in mind, here are all The Last of Us 2 safe combinations and locations.


The Last of Us 2 supermarket safe code

  • Code: 072013
  • Reward: supplements, alcohol, parts

The only safe in Jackson is found on the floor above the supermarket. After you put your gas mask on, turn right and slip through the gap - the safe is in the first door on the right. A note nearby says the combination is “the date my good boy got employee of the month”. In the hallway outside, a dog somehow won the productivity prize in July 2013, so 072013 is the combination.

Seattle Day 1

The Last of Us 2 bank safe code

the last of us 2 bank safe code

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  • Code: 602306
  • Reward: pump shotgun

When you start searching for gas with Dina, cross the river straight ahead and bear left until you reach a ruined skyscraper. Above the collapsed entrance reads ‘West Lake Bank’. After fighting several Infected runners and a clicker, search the area thoroughly until you find the vault room. Inside you’ll find a note on the corpse of a dead thief with the code on it. Crafting recipes and new weapons can be found in multiple places, but don’t miss this essential close-quarters gun here just in case.

The Last of Us 2 gate safe code

  • Code: 0451
  • Reward: trading card, health kit, parts

Also found as you look for oil to power the gate blocking the Serevena hotel, this safe uses one of the codes you’ll have picked up to get into Seattle in the first place. As you’ll know from our The Last of Us 2 gate codes guide, this safe uses the code for gate West 2. The safe is near the Valiant Music shop, just across the street. As you look at the gate, turn right to see the writing on the wall “Use gate code”, with an arrow pointing to the safe.

The Last of Us 2 courthouse safe code

  • Code: 860722
  • Reward: parts, supplements, alcohol, ammo

This safe is on the darker lower floor of the courthouse, after you’ve cleared the first group of Infected. If you’ve gone as far down as the garage, you’ve gone too far and you’ll have to reload to a previous checkpoint. Instead, head past the two elevator doors and explore the room on the left. Turn left, then left again to find the safe. The code can be found on a note or on the whiteboard elsewhere in the room.

The Last of Us 2 shop safe code

the last of us 2 shop safe code

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  • Code: 550133
  • Reward: ammo, medicine

Near the TV station, in an area with long grass full of traps, is a thrift shop on the left as you head round the first bend in the road. Inside is a bulletin board - the safe is in a room opposite, just beware the crawling clicker. The note you’ll find nearby has the final two numbers missing, but in the bathroom is some graffiti with the number ‘(206)5550133’, and the final code is the final six digits.

The Last of Us 2 door code

  • Code: 15243
  • Reward: ammo, rag, supplements, explosive, canister

This isn’t technically a safe, but it’s useful to access anyway. After your first encounter with a Shambler in the tunnels below the TV station, you’ll come across a corridor with two doors on the right - the locked door is found in the second one. Inside the locker rooms a note reads “get me a soda”, which is prompting you to check the nearby vending machine for a can. When you pick one up, only the partial code of ‘152’ is visible, and we worked the rest of the code out by trial and error.

Seattle Day 2

The Last of Us 2 workshop safe code

  • Code: 308265
  • Reward: short gun holster, parts, ammo, explosive

Early on in Hillcrest, after your first fight against dogs, you come across a street with a pet store and tattoo shop. While staying vigilant for Infected, make your way through the tattoo shop to another street. Here, look out for a workshop - you’ll need to move a trash can to access it. Prepare for a fight as four Infected spill out after you open the door, and more if you haven’t cleared out nearby areas. On the floor to your right is the safe, and the code can be found in a nearby pub which you can get to via the pet shop. 

Don’t miss this safe as the short gun holster gives you a second quick-select slot for your smaller weapons, which is immensely useful.

The Last of Us 2 wedding safe code

  • Code: 100883
  • Reward: ammo, supplements

This safe is stored in the block of flats opposite the hospital. It's near the workbench where you get ambushed. A note near the safe says the combination is the wedding date of the couple that once lived there. On their wall in the bedroom is a calendar which shows they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on 10/08/13, which makes this Last of Us safe code 100883.

The Last of Us 2 pharmacy safe code

the last of us 2 pharmacy safe code

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  • Code: 385523
  • Reward: alcohol, supplements, ammo, medicine

After you’ve faced your first Scar brute and made your way through the building and back onto the flooded street, bear left until you find ‘Weston’s Pharmacy’. Hug the left wall once inside and you’ll find a crawl space through which you can find the safe and a workbench.

Seattle Day 3

The Last of Us 2 boat safe code

  • Code: 701264
  • Reward: parts, ammo, alcohol, supplements

At the point where you must winch open a door to get your boat through, head up the stairs until you find a moveable cart. Push it away to reveal a crawl space - go prone and move through that, follow the route round, and drop down into the fenced-off area with the safe inside.

Seattle Day 1 (continued)

The Last of Us 2 lottery safe code

the last of us 2 big win safe code

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  • Code: 173807
  • Reward: hunting pistol and ammo

In the area after the boat puzzle, there’s a trailer you can smash into. Inside is a code that mentions a “big win” the previous occupants enjoyed. This refers to their lottery win, with the numbers 173807: the safe code. Head outside and keep an eye out for the ‘M5 Distribution’ building, go around to its left side, and find the crawl space. Inside is the safe and a tasty high-damage pistol, so don’t miss this one.

The Last of Us 2 Chinatown safe code

  • Code: 689689
  • Reward: supplements, ammo, medicine, binding

When you find yourself in a narrow Chinatown street, you’ll find a safe in the back of a building behind the counter. ‘Jasmine’s Bakery’ is first on your left, and you need to smash your way in. The code is found on the other side of the street - which you jump across after going upstairs in Ruby Dragon further down the street on the left. On the floor below the code and behind a corner desk is a double barrel shotgun, which you should absolutely pick up.

The Last of Us 2 ship safe code

tlou2 ship safe code

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  • Code: 907701
  • Reward: training manual, parts, ammo

Once you’ve reached the top deck of a boat full of Infected, the bow (front) of the ship has a safe next to it to the left. The code is found at the end of the hallway from where you picked up the crossbow. As you get a brand new skill branch, Ordnance, as a reward, don’t continue without adding it to your collection.

Seattle Day 2 (continued)

The Last of Us 2 apartment safe code

  • Code: 302304
  • Reward: parts, explosive, ammo

Once you’ve jumped from the broken highway into an apartment building, there’s a safe in the bedroom that’s behind the first door on the right. The corresponding note tells you the code is the apartment number of the previous occupant, Sam, and Julia, put together. Opposite the bedroom door is a floor plan, which tells you the two flats are 302 and 304.

The Last of Us 2 gym safe code

  • Code: 121879
  • Reward: alcohol, binding, supplements, explosive

After the vertigo-inducing bridge crossing, you enter a hotel health club. Head through the glass doors at the end of the weights room and you’ll find a safe behind the first door on the left. The solution is the same as the wifi password, which you can find on a whiteboard opposite where you first entered the weights room.

Solving The Last of Us 2 safes without the combination

You don't necessarily need a combination to open The Last of Us 2 safes. Instead you can work out the safe combinations by ear - almost like a safe cracker in a film. 

As you scroll through the numbers of the combination, each number will make a click. However, if you land on the right number, you'll hear a louder, more distinctive click, which indicates that this is the correct number.

This trick can be utilized best by wearing headphones, so you can properly hear the clicks. But it's worth noting that this approach can be somewhat tedious and finding and entering The Last of Us 2 safe codes is a much easier affair.

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