The Last of Us 2 gate codes: how to open the main gate

the last of us 2 gate codes
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If you don’t know the The Last of Us 2 gate codes, you’re going to struggle as Ellie and Dina look to infiltrate Seattle after their long jaunt from Jackson. After protracted battles between the FEDRA and WLF military groups have passed, now the entrance to the city’s imposing main gates are overgrown and, most importantly, locked tight.

While Ellie has no problem getting over the fortress’ walls, Dina and your horse, Shimmer, are stuck on the other side. That means you need to get the big metal door open, which is where The Last of Us 2 gate codes come in. Before Dina can rejoin you, a quick puzzle that requires a special operating code must be solved. 

The code can be found in the area just inside the gate, but there are a couple of other codes to bear in mind: one is necessary for you to continue the story and the other is optional, but gives you some handy gear and a collectible. Spoilers for the puzzle and the early stages of Seattle Day 1 follow, so bear that in mind before you dive into this The Last of Us 2 gate code guide.

All the Last of Us 2 gate codes you need

You find the codes list in the building straight ahead of you when you drop down after climbing the outer walls - the door is locked, so you need to throw a brick through the glass to get in. In one of the drawers inside you’ll find the sheet you need. Some aren’t needed at all and others are smudged, but the following are the ones to, quite literally, keep in your back pocket:

  • Main gate: 0451
  • East 2: 5345
  • West 2: 0541

The Last of Us 2 main gate code

the last of us 2 main gate code

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The Last of Us main gate code is 0451.

However, before you can input the code, you need to get into the operating room first, which is inside the building opposite the one in which you find the gate codes. Connect the generator to the closed iron fence and open that, then disconnect it so you can supply power to the operating room.

The problem is it needs power, and the yellow cord is too short to reach the generator. Get around that by throwing the cord over the metal fence in the same way you throw a brick. Once inside, enter 0451 to open the main gate and continue your quest.

The Last of Us 2 East 2 code

the last of us 2 fedra gate

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The Last of Us 2 East 2 gate code is 5345.

As with the main gate, you can’t just enter the code and be on your (not so) merry way. Rather, once you’ve attempted the power the gate -  with ‘F**K FEDRA’ graffitied on it - with the nearby generator, you’ll discover you need oil. 

This sets you on a detour inside a huge area, something like the size of larger areas in Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy. An area map is handy and there are multiple places in which you can pick one up, so keep an eye out. I recommend you explore as much of this space as you can for supplies, new skill branches, and cool secret moments I won’t spoil here. Once you have the gas you need, return to East 2, hook up the generator, and tap in the code.

The Last of Us 2 West 2 code

the last of us 2 west 2 code

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The Last of Us 2 West 2 gate code is 0541.

As you search Seattle for oil, you may come across gate West 2. You can’t get further than this boundary near the Valiant Music shop, but if you turn to the wall on your right as you’re looking at the gate, you’ll see the writing “Use gate code”, which points to a safe on the ground. These sealed treasure troves turn up often in the game with useful loot inside, so check out our The Last of Us 2 safe codes guide for more on those. 

Then, once you enter 0541 into the safe, you’ll be able to pilfer your reward of weapon parts, a health kit, and a collectible trading card.

The Last of Us 2 East 1 code

The East 1 gate is to the left of the Serevena hotel, in the area just after gate East 2. The problem is, the code is smudged, so your only option is to follow your main objective and search the hotel. You’ll find the code inside and it’s Dina that inputs the code anyway, so you don’t need to worry about East 1 too much.

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