The Apple Watch SE 2 is just $179 at Walmart: Here's how to get it before everyone else

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At 3pm ET, the Apple Watch SE 2 will be available at Walmart for $179 instead of $250, a $70 discount. If you're a Walmart Plus member, you'll be able to get it a whole three hours earlier instead, 

With the Black Friday deals now in full swing, Apple Watches are set to be a popular choice over the next few days. Last year's Apple Watch SE 2 is always one of the most sought-after because it's a fantastic watch sold cheaper than other Apple Watches. This is thanks to a few corners cut, such as a nylon back instead of aluminum. 

A $70 discount on an already well-priced watch brings it firmly into bargain territory, and if you're browsing the Apple Watch Black Friday deals hoping for the best deal you can find, this firmly represents the best in terms of value for money we've seen so far. 

Check the deal out below. Remember: it's only live from 3pm ET, or 12pm ET if you're a Walmart Plus member. 

Get the Apple Watch SE 2 Black Friday deal at Walmart here:

Apple Watch SE 2 GPS 40mm: $24 $179 at Walmart

Apple Watch SE 2 GPS 40mm: was $249 now $179 at Walmart
The 2nd gen SE is a solid option, super affordable, and is $70 off at Walmart ahead of Black Friday. The discount doesn't go live until 3pm ET, but Walmart Plus members can access it three hours earlier, from 12pm ET. You can join Walmart Plus for a 30-day free trial here, and we advise you do so in case this deal sells out. 

The Apple Watch SE 2 is a stellar buy for people looking for cheap Apple Watches. In our Apple Watch SE 2 review, we said it "delivers a complete Apple Watch experience for a great price, and with way longer battery life than Apple promises as a bonus.

Don't forget, a good chunk of the Walmart Black Friday deals are exclusive for Walmart Plus members from 12pm ET to 3pm ET, so if you want to be certain to grab a deal on the Apple Watch SE 2 (and access to more early-access tech deals), consider signing up to Walmart Plus.

Walmart Plus:30-day free trial

Walmart Plus: 30-day free trial
Walmart Plus is offering a 30-day free trial on its Walmart Plus premium service, allowing you lots of early access tech deals. This means you can sign up now, take advantage of all the great deals, and cancel later if you so choose. Otherwise, the Walmart Plus service is $98 per year. 

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