Google's Pixel Watch 3 could be thicker than its last-gen device, hinting at potentially new sensors

Google Pixel Watch 2 models
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A series of renders have recently surfaced for the Pixel Watch 3 giving us our first insight into what Google’s upcoming wearable may look like. Originating from notable industry insider OnLeaks, the new model looks nearly identical to the Pixel Watch 2. It has the same 1.2-inch “bezel-less display with a rotating crown on the side”, according to the report. Pictures show the wearable in black attached to a matching strap although more colors are expected to be available at launch.

Designs begin to deviate when you look at the purported dimensions. The Pixel Watch 3 is said to measure 40.79 x 40.73 x 14 mm. By comparison, the Pixel Watch 2 sits at 41 x 41 x 12.3 mm. So the future smartwatch will be slightly smaller than the previous generation, but also thicker than before – almost two whole millimeters. It’s unknown exactly why the wearable has the extra heft although there are a couple of theories.

Bigger battery or new sensors?

91Mobiles believes it’s because of the battery. A product listing was discovered several months ago on a South Korean quality assurance website of what is reportedly the Pixel Watch 3’s battery. Documents state the wearable is set to house a 307 mAh battery which is larger than the Pixel Watch 2’s 304 mAh battery. While it is a bigger power source, the size difference doesn’t feel drastic enough to demand almost two millimeters worth of space.

News site 9To5Google in their coverage argues that the Pixel Watch 3 may have some new sensors warranting the extra space. Exactly what kind of sensors is up for debate. There haven’t been very many leaks regarding the Pixel Watch 3’s hardware. Up to this point, it’s been mostly about software features like an improved Watch Unlock. We did see comments online asking for better fitness tracking capabilities, which could entail adding more sensors.

Besides the size, there’s also a good chance the bezels around the watch face will be thinner, giving users a better view of the display. This is because, as 9To5Google points out, the device is smaller yet the screen is staying the same size. It is worth mentioning that past rumors for the Pixel Watch 3 have mentioned there will be a 45mm option to go with the standard 41mm model. If so, it’ll be the first of Google’s smartwatches to be that size.

Of course, as with every leak, take this information with a grain of salt. Things can always change at the last minute. Be sure to check out TechRadar's list of the best smartwatches for 2024.

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