Act now! Up to 50% off in the Nectar early Presidents' Day flash sale

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Presidents' Day might not be for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean you can't start celebrating now. At least, that's the attitude at Nectar Sleep, where they've already hung banners and cut the cake, with up to 50% off mattresses in the Nectar early Presidents' Day sale. This is a flash sale, so don't expect the deals to hang around for long.

The Presidents' Day mattress sales are traditionally your first opportunity to get a bargain on a bed following the holiday rush, and we're starting to see the first early sales starting to appear now. 

Nectar is one of our favorite sleep brands. In our Nectar mattress review, we loved the way the bed combines cushioning and support to create a real all-rounder, likely to please most sleepers. It always earns a high-ranking spot in our best mattress guide and our best memory foam mattress guide, and as Nectar offers some incredible extras – a 365-night trial and a lifetime guarantee – you can shop with confidence.

Right now, the best deals are on the twin sizes, with all twin size mattresses in the Nectar range 50% off. So if you're looking for an affordable spare bed your guests will actually enjoy sleeping in, now is the time to shop. Interested? Here's everything you need to know:

Reading this in the UK? While we might not have Presidents' Day deals, there's up to 20% off in the Nectar UK winter sale, and we have plenty more mattress deals for you to browse.

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Price (twin size): Overview:

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Price (twin size):
$349 at Nectar

Overview: The Nectar Original is a true all-rounder, a 12-inch tall all-foam mattress with a medium-firm feel that moulds comfortably to your body. The gentle memory foam 'hug' offers pressure relief at the joints, but you'll never feel like you're sinking through the bed.

Price history: You can find a Nectar mattress deal running pretty much throughout the year, but this one is better than most if you're shopping for a twin bed. We're used to seeing 40% off the $699 MSRP, bringing the mattress down to $419. But with 50% off, you can grab a twin for just $349. This up to half price deal does crop up from time to time, but it's hard to predict exactly when it's going to hit – it doesn't necessarily fall around the major sale days. What's more is that we rarely see this deal bettered. If you're after a twin bed, this is likely to be the best time to buy.

It might be worth mentioning that although the queen size mattress isn't reduced for President's Day, we still think that the $659 price tag is an excellent deal for the quality of the bed (and we're not sure it'll be reduced any time soon).

Extras: Nectar has some of the best extras in the sleep business, matching what we've come to expect from premium sleep brands. All Nectar beds come with a 365-night sleep trial – allowing you to test the mattress in every season – plus a lifetime warranty. 

Buy it if...

You lie on your side: One of our best mattresses for side sleepers, the Nectar memory foam balances comfortable cushioning at the pressure points with a supportive core to keep your body aligned. Ideal when you're putting pressure on your shoulders and hips.

You like generous extras: Nectar goes above and beyond with the extras, providing a full year trial period and a lifetime guarantee. We might expect this from the premium brands, but for a mattress in the mid-range price bracket, this is a real bonus.

You're shopping for a guest room: Well priced with a versatile sleep surface, the Nectar memory foam twin is a great choice for a guest room. Your guests will be pleased with a bed that suits most sleep styles, and you'll sleep happy thinking of the money you've saved. (And for these reasons, it's also an excellent buy if you're considering a sleep divorce.)

Don't buy it if...

You prefer a responsive bed: This Nectar doesn't have the sink we associate with softer all-foam beds, but it does have something of the memory foam 'hug'. The Nectar Hybrid offers better bounce and response, with the Nectar Hybrid twin mattress down to $375 in the sale.

You sleep really hot: The Nectar memory foam has good breathability, which means the average sleeper will stay a comfortable temperature overnight. However, if you tend to wake up sweaty, you might prefer a cooling upgrade – the twin Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid is $899 with 50% off.

You want a luxurious finish: Although the Nectar memory foam delivers a performance above its price point, it does lack the luxury finish of a premium mattress. The Nectar premier is taller, softer, cooler, and a twin is just $525 with 50% off.

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