Frndly TV channels explained: what's included with the service

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If you've cut the cord and are sorely missing some of the more unique channels you may have previously had with cable, Frndly TV might just have you covered. While it may not stand up as your only streaming service given the select set of channels Frndly has to offer, it can hold up as a great compliment to your current Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus or other streaming subscription. 

With over 40 live stations and an extensive on-demand library, the roster of Frndly TV channels include some gems you may not find on other streaming platforms.

In our Frndly TV channels guide, we'll break down the great offering available to subscribers, such as the Gameshow Network, Dove Channel, BabyFirst and other channels you won't necessarily find elsewhere. And keep in mind, along with these live Frndly TV channels, you'll also get an extensive on-demand library at your fingertips as well. 

What Frndly TV channels are available?

The good news is that regardless of which plan you opt for, you'll get all Frndly TV channels included in any of its three packages. Unlike other services, subscribing to a lower tier won't put you at a loss when it comes to which channels you'll have access to. Currently, Frndly has over 40 channels along with an extensive list of on-demand content to go along with it. 

Included here are some big names like History, A&E, and Lifetime as well as some specialty channels like BabyFirst, MeTV and FYI.

Read on for the full list of included Frndly TV channels: 

Frndly TV's roster of channels

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The complete Frndly TV channels list:

  • A&E
  • BYUtv
  • BabyFirst
  • Circle
  • Crime & Investigation
  • CuriosityStream
  • Decades
  • Dove Channel
  • Dove Family Movies
  • Dove Kids
  • FETV
  • FMC
  • FYI
  • Gameshow
  • GetTV
  • Great American Family
  • Great American Living
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Drama

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How do the Frndly TV channels compare to other streaming services with live TV?

Sling TV

While the set of Frndly TV channels is plentiful at over 40, there are other services that offer more. Sling TV brings in over 50 channels when bundling both Blue and Orange plans. You'll find some overlap with channels like Vice, History and Lifetime, but Frndly still offers the likes of Hallmark channels, BabyFirst and FYI, which you won't find on Sling. 

Sling does manage to pack in a lot of options while keeping prices low. Keep in mind you also won't have any live or local stations like CBS, ABC, NBC or FOX on Frndly TV, which Sling does offer. Sling pricing starts at $35/month and includes 50 hours of DVR storage, too.


Another popular streaming option is Hulu with live TV and it's more than 75 channels — not to mention the extensive on-demand library. The live options are plentiful when it comes to Hulu, and you'll again find much more to stream here than Frndly has to offer. Overlap comes in the form of FYI, Lifetime, QVC and History, while Hulu brings along live and local channels, regional sports networks and add-ons like HBO Max and Showtime.  

Hulu is a true cable-like experience for those wanting a plethora of live channels, local options and on-demand content. DVR is included and users can utilize multiple screens. Hulu with Live TV starts at $69.99/month and also throws in the Disney Plus bundle at no extra cost.


FuboTV and its multiple plans offer even more for cord-cutters in the form of live and local channels, as well as added sports and news channels. You'll easily find Hallmark, Gameshow Network and QVC, but channels like Vice, Lifetime and Heartland are notably absent. 

News and sport junkies can get their fill from FuboTV, something that Frndly is sorely lacking. There are also plenty of DVR and multiple screen options. Plans start at $69.99/month and come with a 7-day free trial.

Frndly TV: Should you get it?

As we said previously, Frndly TV is more of a complimentary streaming service than a full-on solo offering. You're most likely already using a more mainstream service like Hulu, Sling TV, FuboTV or Netflix, and adding in another service to get some of those harder-to-find Frndly TV channels. You won't find any local or sport channels here, but if that works for you, we think Frndly is an excellent option that allows you to watch some of the more niche channels. The added bonus is that in addition to the live channels on Frndly, the large on-demand library gives you plentiful options for even more content. 

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