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Top-end Surface Laptop 1 goes for $100 less than cheapest Surface Laptop 2

Surface Laptop
(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you're eyeing up the flashy, new Surface Laptop 3, but don't want to pay through the nose for memory (RAM) and storage, you may want to consider jumping a few generations back – as Newegg is currently selling the first-generation Surface Laptop with double the RAM and storage of entry-level Surface Laptop 2 and 3 models.

Of course, you'll be losing out on either the very latest 10th-generation or 8th-generation Intel Core processors (CPUs). However, it's a little known secret that Intel's CPU performance gains from one generation to the next are barely noticeable to the average user.

To soften that blow a little more, this original Surface Laptop is equipped with a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU. This is admittedly only dual-core, but it can reach speeds of up to 4.0GHz and is equipped with Intel's Iris Plus graphics.

1st Gen Surface Laptop is $1,799 $899 on Newegg
While it's not the newest model, a Surface Laptop with top-end specs for the price of an entry-level new model is amazing. For a Surface Laptop with max RAM and storage, this is a real steal. View Deal

With maximum RAM and double (or even more) the storage of an entry-level Surface Laptop 2 or 3 – or the newest MacBook Air – it makes a lot of sense to consider this older model as your next major laptop purchase.

We quite liked the first Surface Laptop, giving it four stars in our full review – and that was with entry-level components inside. So you can see why we're excited about this deal.