The awesome HP Spectre x360 is still on sale in a last-minute Cyber Monday deal

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You can now take advantage of an excellent Cyber Monday deal for the HP Spectre x360 for $949.99 at Back when we first reviewed the HP Spectre x360, we stated that this was a solid 2-in-1 laptop with a great OLED screen if you get the upgrade, good battery life, and even comes with a stylus that complements the tablet mode. However, it also came with a couple of caveats including a touchpad with sensitivity issues and an overpriced MRSP, which kept it from true greatness.

But this Cyber Monday deal lowers the price below $1,000, turning it into an excellent budget work machine. Considering the portability, gorgeous design, responsive touchscreen, included stylus, and an excellent keyboard, snagging it for $950 is an absolute steal.

Not to mention the specs of this particular model that are tailor-made for productivity work. The CPU is a 12-gen Intel Core i5-1235U that works efficiently to balance all those spreadsheets, documents, and conference calls. And if the touchpad bothers you, you can easily purchase the best mouse for office work, which would also prevent long-term injury.

Today's best Cyber Monday HP Spectre x360 deal

HP Spectre x360 (Intel i5-1235U, 8GB, 512GB): $1,249.99  $949.99 at

HP Spectre x360 (Intel i5-1235U, 8GB, 512GB): was $1,249.99 now $949.99 at
This 2-in-1 laptop is stylish and sleek and this particular model features a Core i5-1235U CPU, which is perfect for productivity work. It also has 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, which is more than enough for office work.

The only downside to getting this particular HP Spectre x360 model is that it doesn't come with the OLED screen that we praised in our review, but that also has the benefit of keeping the cost down. Considering the productivity-related use of this laptop, we can live with this concession.

There's also the webcam that, despite being 720p instead of full HD, comes with the HP Enhanced Lighting app. It does such a good job of enhancing the picture and video quality that it surpasses many 1080p laptop webcams on the market. Couple that with the solid ventilation system and you have a work machine that can complete any task without overheating.

If you're in need of a work 2-in-1 laptop, for this price you won't do much better than the HP Spectre x360.

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