The best Sky Mobile phone deals in July 2024

Sky Mobile phone deals are one of the most compelling smartphone offers thanks to its broad range of features which all come in a very clear and simple to understand package. From easily upgrading your phone to saving up and even spending data, there are lots of options that give plenty of flexibility and freedom.

No matter what phone you want, be it the iPhone 13 or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S21, this will have a deal for you. Or you might simply want to go for a SIM only deal. Whatever your need, the cheapest deals are all here with your perfect option waiting to be found.

You could head directly to the Sky Mobile website now, but if you want to see the pros and cons of everything on offer then you're in the right place here. Find out details about the network, discover the best deals and learn what's right for you.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Sky Mobile phone deals.

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Sky Mobile phone deals: FAQ


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What is Sky Mobile?

Sky Mobile is an MVNO which means it offers great deals while using the hardware network infrastructure of O2. That means an excellent 99% UK coverage and the speeds of 5G where available.

The mobile network is a part of Sky, which also offers broadband, TV and landline packages. As a result customers of one can get benefits in another, like Sky TV customers who get special deals on Sky Mobile.

How long are Sky Mobile phone contracts?

Sky Mobile phone contracts come in a few simple options. The two basic contract plans are 24 months or 30 months. There is also a SIM-only 12-month option.

Whichever one you go for it'll be a pay monthly deal and there is rollover data on all of those. They all come with unlimited calls and texts.

What is Swap24 and how does it work?

It requires a few more grey cells to work out, but Sky Mobile's Swap24 tariff can be a great way to get your new phone. and know that you'll have the chance to upgrade later down the line.

In essence, Swap24 is a 36 month contract with the option to upgrade after 24 months. As long as you're phone is in full working order, you can return it to Sky after 24 months which will help pay off the bills of whatever shiny new handset you choose to upgrade to in two years time.

If you get to 24 months with your new phone and decide that you want to keep it for the remainder of the contract, you can of course do that, too.

While the premise is simple, it is important to note that Sky states on their website "full working order with no physical damage".

You can also swap your phone out any time after the first 31 days, you just need to pay what's left in your contract balance after the value of your phone is taken into account.

Is the Sky Mobile network any good?

Sky Mobile runs on the O2 network which means the short answer to this question is yes. The network itself offers a 98.97 percent coverage of the UK making it one of the best - but be sure to use the Sky Mobile coverage checker to make sure you're good in your area.

In the 2020 OpenSignal measure, the average download speeds on Sky Mobile were 18.2Mb. That sounds good but it does make this one of the slowest networks in the UK. That said, according to Ookla tests, O2 has the second fastest 5G coverage in the UK with average download speeds of 176.9Mb and access in over 155 UK towns and cities. 

What benefits does Sky Mobile offer?

Sky Mobile has lots going for it but one standout feature is roll over data. This allows you to save up unused data for up to three years. What's more you can share this data with others on the network and use it as currency to buy other benefits.

Being Sky, you get totally free streaming when using any of the Sky apps. That means no use of your data when watching the Sky Go app over a data connection.

Is Sky Mobile a 5G network?

Yes, as mentioned, Sky Mobile is 5G capable and, at time of publishing, covers 155 towns and cities across the UK. This is the second fastest in the UK but there is a catch. It's not free.

Well, 5G is free to Sky VIP members. But for everyone else it's charged at an extra £5 per month to get those blistering top-end speeds. This could be seen as a positive as it means those that don't want 5G don't have a hiked up bill charge without the option to opt-out.

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