Sky Mobile now lets you share spare mobile data with others

Sky mobile
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Mobile has announced a new buddy system that lets its customers share spare data. This means any unused data included in a deal, can be shared to other SIMs. 

This has been brought on by lockdown, which has meant more Wi-Fi use at home, leading to a whopping 69GB of rollover data landing in Sky Mobile Piggybanks on average. Sky lets users hang onto their rollover data for up to three years.

The new offering allows Sky Mobile customers to get another SIM card, with up to seven used at once, which can be linked to their account. Rather than putting rollover data in their digital Piggybank, it can go straight to those other SIM plans for use right away.

Alternatively, that spare data can be cashed in for more rewards on the account like accessories or money off a new phone.

To activate a spare SIM for data sharing, head over to Sky and add the free SIM to your basket. Once it arrives and you activate it you can share it with friends, family and anybody else who might benefit from the free mobile data.

Paul Sweeney, managing director of Sky Mobile said: "We know lots of people have rolled over spare data over the past year so we’re making it possible for them to share it with someone who really needs it. 

"Whether that’s giving data to a grandparent to stay connected or to help others who are home schooling, we hope this free SIM will go some way in providing a much-needed data boost."

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