Here's another Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 for under $500

Graphics card prices have been falling lately, with some great graphics card deals coming on the back of a slump in cryptocurrency mining. Amazon Prime Day was a great example of just how low the prices could go, but don't worry if you missed out, because Newegg has a Gigabyte GTX 1080 for $479 for today only.

This deal is competitive with some of the killer GTX 1080 deals we've seen recently. The Gigabyte model on sale is the WindForce variety, with three fans along the length of the graphics card. A metal plate on the back of the card gives it a polished look from either side.

This GTX 1080 model comes with 8GB of GRDD5X video memory and is easily overclockable to a base frequency of 1,623MHz and a boost frequency of 1,771MHz.  This speed boost is available through Gigabyte's one-click overclocking. When the card isn't under load, it can also run quietly.

If you're looking to make the jump into 4K gaming or use the highest graphics at 1440p and still run extra high frame rates, you'll probably want a GTX 1080. And, this deal on the Gigabyte GTX 1080 is about as good as they come.

Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 1080 for $479 at Newegg

Gigabyte Windforce 3X GTX 1080 for $479 at Newegg
See this deal on powerful and easily overclockable GTX 1080 from Newegg here. 

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