The dirt-cheap Fitbit Inspire 2 is secretly the best Black Friday Fitbit deal so far

Fitbit Inspire 2
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This is not the first time I've recommended this deal on the Fitbit Inspire 2, and it's not going to be around for much longer, as Fitbit has ended production on the device. 

Even before the Black Friday Fitbit deals kicked off in earnest, ever since it was revealed the Fitbit Inspire 3 would only arrive with six months of Fitbit Premium, I've maintained the Fitbit Inspire 2, with its free one-year subscription of Premium, is actually the better choice. It's on sale as part of the Black Friday deals at $49.00 at Walmart in the US and £44.99 at Argos in the UK.

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Get the Fitbit Inspire 2 deal here:

Fitbit Inspire 2 with one year's Fitbit Premium: was

Fitbit Inspire 2 with one year's Fitbit Premium: was $99.95 Now $49.00 at Walmart
The cheapest way to get a year's worth of Fitbit Premium absolutely free. The slimmed-down, now almost-obsolete Inspire 2 is still a decent entry-level tracker as part of this deal, because you get an additional six months of Premium, which ordinarily costs around $10 per month. You're not only saving $50 on the device, but $110 in total. Our standout Fitbit deal for beginners.  

Fitbit Inspire 2 with one year's Fitbit Premium: was

Fitbit Inspire 2 with one year's Fitbit Premium: was £79.95 Now £44.99 at Argos
This is a great way to introduce someone to fitness tracking. If you're just after a cheap way to nudge yourself healthier by counting your steps, tracking your sleep and the calories you expend on a day-to-day basis, this is the deal for you. It even comes with that year of Premium.  

Why get the Fitbit Inspire 2 in the Black Friday Fitbit deals?

For people who are new to fitness, or don't want a fully-fledged smartwatch, a slender fitness tracker which monitors your sleep, calculates your calories burned during a workout, and counts your steps is what you want, preferably with as much battery life as possible. The Fitbit Inspire 2, top of our list of the best fitness trackers for ages, fits the bill, just as well as the Fitbit Inspire 3.

The Inspire 2 has an older sensor array than the Inspire 3, but it retains the 10-day long battery life, swimproof design and 24/7 heart rate tracking. It's cheaper, meaning there's less of a barrier to entry, and will nudge you if you've been inactive for too long. It can even help with blood glucose and menstrual tracking.

But the big selling point here is the year's worth of Premium, normally $9.99 per month in the US and £7.99 in the UK. Premium allows you to see historic graphs on your data, get a Daily Readiness Score to better inform your workout recovery, and access the hundreds of guided workouts and meditations available in the Fitbit app.

Accessing all this content for a whole year, rather than six months, effectively adds a further saving of $60 in the US and £48 in the UK. It makes the humble Fitbit Inspire 2, on which production has now ceased, the best value Black Friday Fitbit deal of them all. 

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