Here are the strangest things we've found during Amazon Prime Day

Hamilton and he stranger things hang out with a Darth Vader costume
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Amazon has a huge selection of items for sale on its site, and that means more than a few strange things get blessed with Amazon Prime Day deals.

Here you won't find discounts on useful gadgets like Apple's Prime Day deals, or the best Prime Day air fryer savings, but you will get 2%-off a Hamilton Funko Pop or over half-off for a kid's microscope. Let's see what we found.

Today's strangest US deals

Darth Vader wearable blanket: $30

Darth Vader wearable blanket: $30 $20 at Amazon
Save $10
– Do you want to strike fear into the hearts of Rebels while also keeping all cozy and warm? Then this blanket plus Darth Vader costume combo piece is the perfect Prime Day deal for you.

Kids beginner microscope: $55

Kids beginner microscope: $55 $23.79 at Amazon
Save $31.20
– Ah yes a microscope, just what every kid wants. Admittedly this writer would have been pretty excited to get one of these when he was younger (or even right now to be honest) but it's probably not the deal most children will be hoping for this Prime Day.

Microfiber dusting gloves: $13

Microfiber dusting gloves: $13 $6.80 at Amazon
Save $6.20
– Are you cold and trying to clean at the same time? Then you may want a pair of dusting gloves. We're not sure why you'd otherwise opt for this strange fashion item over a regular duster but, here you are.

Stranger Things party centerpieces: $16

Stranger Things party centerpieces: $16 $12.79 at Amazon
Save $3.20
– Have you finished Stranger things Season 4 yet? If you haven't or are looking to rewatch it all while waiting for Season 5, why not throw a watch party and use these strange party decorations? Why are Murray and Dustin sharing a bottle of vodka? Why is Hopper so upset? Where's Steve Harrington? Much like the show, these decorations leave more questions than answers.

Cat tunnel bed: $38

Cat tunnel bed: $38 $24.75 at Amazon
Save $13.24
– This two-in-one cat bed and play tunnel actually looks like quite a smart buy, netting you two useful pet items in one. What we found strange though was the manufacturer and review images showing it wrapped around a Christmas tree; cats and decorations can already be a disastrous pairing, we don't need to bring them any closer together.

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Today's strangest UK deals

Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth: £35

Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth: £35 £22 at Amazon
Save £13
– This sloth may be a superb baby toy (winning a Toy of the year award according to the listing) but that doesn't stop it from looking rather nightmarish if you really sit back and take in the design.

Alexander Hamilton Funko Pop: £9.96

Alexander Hamilton Funko Pop: £9.96 £9.79 at Amazon
Save 17p
– We don't know what's stranger, a Funko Pop celebrating America's first secretary of the treasury or that it's only a 17p price reduction. Sure, Hamilton is an iconic musical, but Funko Pops based on historical figures will never not be weird (even if it's of Lin-Manuel Miranda playing a historical figure).

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (10 ml, Pack of 200): £16

Heinz Tomato Ketchup (10 ml, Pack of 200): £16 £12.15 at Amazon
Save £3.84
– Some easily forgotten heroes of Prime Day are the bulk buys on long-lasting goods. While not as flashy as a discounted laptop or smartphone, picking up a deal on a year's supply of something you use regularly can really help your budget stretch further; but this pack of 200 Tomato Ketchup sachets is likely not the best way to satisfy your condiment needs.

The Mandalorian Dobble: £15

The Mandalorian Dobble: £15 £9 at Amazon
Save £6
– Dobble is an excellent family board game; the rules are simple and its design is approachable for people of all ages thanks to its mess of brightly colored icons that perfectly straddle uniqueness and similarity. The Mandalorian edition makes our list of weird Prime Day items as not only does it cost £1 more than the regular version but seemingly offers a worse experience as the symbols look much less distinct – there are four near-identical yet different Grogus on the four example cards, and the color palette is much less engaging.

Coffee Mug Warmer: £21.99

Coffee Mug Warmer: £21.99 £14.99
Save 32% -
If you're a coffee drinker all year round, sunshine or snow, you'll want this to keep your mug warm regardless. It has two settings to make it warm or boiling, so you can enjoy that Mocha as fresh as when it was made.

Stranger Things mouse mat: £20

Stranger Things mouse mat: £20 £15.49 at Amazon
Save £4.50
– While offers Stranger Things party decorations, will sell you a mouse mat. While a lot more useful it's no less odd, especially as the show itself features barely any computers; plus the characters in the image look just a little off giving the mouse pad an overly unsettling look, not something we want to look at on our desk regularly.

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Do you need Amazon Prime for Prime Day's strange deals?

Yes, you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member if you want the buy these strange items for the best price this Prime Day. While there are usually tons of general sales open to all customers over Prime Day, Amazon always keeps its best deals for Prime members exclusively. Thankfully, the retailer offers a free trial throughout the year, which you can use to gain access to every Prime Day deal free of charge.

Coffee Mug Warmer: £21.99

Coffee Mug Warmer: £21.99 £14.99
Save 32% -
If you're a coffee drinker all year round, sunshine or snow, you'll want this to keep your mug warm regardless. It has two settings to make it warm or boiling, so you can enjoy that Mocha as fresh as when it was made.

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