Get the Samsung Galaxy Buds for a sub-£100 price with this rare deal

Samsung Galaxy buds
(Image credit: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are seriously useful true wireless earphones for audiophiles, but they can be prohibitively expensive thanks to the £139 asking price. However we've just seen its price finally dip below the £100 threshold – albeit temporarily – thanks to a deal.

The deal was found by a user on Hotukdeals, who spotted a deal that lets you save £40 when you buy the earphones through O2. That brings the price down to £99, and while that's still a lot, it's a lot less than you'd be paying for AirPods.

How to save money on the Samsung Galaxy Buds

First, head over to the O2's Samsung Galaxy Buds page. The page implies that you need to be an O2 Priority customer to get the cheaper earphones, but from our experiments, this doesn't seem to be the case.

Next, choose your color (either black or white) and click 'Add to basket'. You'll now be taken to the basket, and at the bottom is an option to add a promo code. Click this.

The code you should enter now is BUDS40 all capped up. This will knock that £40 off the price of the earphones, and you can get them for below £100 (not including postage and packing).

We haven't seen the Samsung Galaxy Buds this cheap before, so if you were considering picking them up, this deal might be your best chance until Black Friday or perhaps even later.

Tom Bedford

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