Virgin Media's M250 broadband package is currently available for just £29.99 per month

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Are you out of contract and searching for a great new broadband deal that can offer you ultrafast speeds at an affordable monthly price? We've got you covered. 

Right now, Virgin Media's popular M250 package is on sale and will cost you just £29.99 per month. Plus, there are no upfront fees to pay and you'll receive access to perks and experiences with O2 Priority. You'll just need to sign an 18-month contract and be aware that the price of the deal may rise in April 2025. Added to this, you should note that the monthly price rises to £60 per month at the end of the contract period. However, at this stage, you can leave your contract for free and snag another great new deal. 

We think this broadband deal is a particularly good choice for busy families because you'll receive average download speeds of 264Mbps. This is more than fast enough to power 8-10 connected devices and allow multiple family members to stream, browse the internet, and attend video calls simultaneously. 

With this particular package, you also receive Virgin Media's class-leading WiFi Hub, Intelligent WiFi Technology, average upload speeds of 25Mbps, and a minimum speed guarantee of 132Mbps. 

To make the most of this deal, simply click on our link below. Alternatively, if you think it isn't quite right for you or you want to see how it compares to other deals in your area, pop your postcode into the widget at the bottom of this page. 

This week's best Virgin Media Broadband package

Virgin Media | M250 Fibre Broadband | 264Mbps | £29.99 a month | 18-month contract | No setup fees

Virgin Media | M250 Fibre Broadband | 264Mbps | £29.99 a month | 18-month contract | No setup fees
This deal from Virgin Media is one of the very best on the market at the moment. After all, it offers average download speeds of more than 200Mbps for less than £30 per month. Added to this, you don't have to pay anything upfront and you receive a host of extras, such as a class-leading Wi-Fi hub and access to perks and experiences with O2 Priority. To access this deal, you'll just need to sign an 18-month contract. You should also be aware that the price of the deal may rise in April 2025.

Why should I partner with Virgin Media? 

Virgin Media is one of the UK's best broadband providers. It's also one of the country's most popular

The reason for this is simple: the company's packages are incredibly quick. In fact, Virgin Media's recently unveiled 2Gbps option is the fastest on the market. Even Virgin's slowest package, M125, is still speedy and offers average download speeds of 132Mbps. 

Added to this, Virgin Media is also incredibly popular with people who are searching for a broadband and TV bundle. This is because the company offers hundreds of channels, including many from market rival Sky. 

That said, although we think there's a lot to love about Virgin Media, the company's offering isn't faultless. For example, as Virgin Media uses its own cable network rather than the Openreach network, its packages are not universally available. Added to this, the company's customer service leaves something to be desired and it's rated just 1.6/5 on Trustpilot, from more than 90,000 reviews. 

Not convinced this deal is right for you or would you like to compare it to others that are available in your area? Just enter your postcode into our widget below and we'll show you all of the best broadband deals that are available at your address. 

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