A free Xbox Series S?! Get yours with the latest Virgin Media broadband deals

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Fancy a free Xbox Series S? Who doesn't! Even the best Xbox Series S deals can't come close to what today's best broadband deals can offer when it comes to getting your hands on free tech, the latest games, and big savings, and I, for one, love it. 

The latest Virgin Media broadband deals have arrived and come with the opportunity to grab yourself a free Xbox Series S with selected Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundles and the Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle, giving you access to high-speed Virgin Media broadband, as well as a great selection of TV, landline, and even mobile benefits, depending on the Virgin Media deal you choose.

If a free Xbox Series S isn't what you fancy, you also can choose to claim £200 bill credit in replacement of the console, meaning you can still access the best Virgin Media broadband deals currently available, whilst also having the chance to save on your monthly bill. 

Virgin Media broadband deals

These Virgin Media broadband deals are available with either a free Xbox Series S or £200 bill credit (but not both). You better hurry though! These Virgin Media deals end on February 29 2024, meaning you've only got a matter of days to get your hands on this deal. 

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports

The perfect choice for sport lovers. The Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports gives you access to high-speed Virgin Media broadband, as well as 204 TV channels including Sky Sports channels, allowing you to access the latest F1, football, and rugby, all in one high-value broadband plan.

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Movies

Virgin Media Bigger Combo Bundle + Movies

The Virgin Media broadband deal for movie lovers. The Virgin Media Bigger Combo + Movies gives you access to Virgin Media broadband, as well as 218 TV channels, including Sky Cinema HD, to ensure you always have access to the latest and best films in the palm of your hand.

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle

Virgin Media Ultimate Volt Bundle

The Virgin Media Ultimate Volt bundle gives you access to the complete Virgin Media TV, broadband, and mobile experience. This Virgin Media deal offers Virgin Media broadband, over 230 TV channels, a Netflix Standard Plan, an unlimited O2 SIM for your mobile phone, and a six-month subscription to Disney+, Amazon Prime, Audible, Cafeyn, Amazon Music Unlimited or McAfee Mobile Security Plus thanks to O2 Extra

Today's best Xbox Series S deals

If these Virgin broadband deals aren't quite taking your fancy but you're still interested in picking up an Xbox Series S, here are the latest deals on the Xbox Series S from some of the UK's top retailers.

Virgin Media FAQs

Does Virgin Media use Openreach?

Virgin Media broadband does not use infrastructure provided by Openreach, unlike a number of other broadband providers. By using their own infrastructure, Virgin Media is able to offer extremely competitive broadband deals, with a different range of speeds compared to  their competition. 

Despite often being slightly more expensive, Virgin Media broadband speeds are consistently some of the most popular thanks to the higher speeds available through Virgin Media's infrastructure. 

Is O2 part of Virgin Media?

Virgin Media and O2 joined forces back in 2022. By using the combined popularity of Virgin Media broadband deals and O2 mobile deals, this partnership has created a new opportunity for great value broadband deals.

Since their partnership, both Virgin Media and O2 customers have been able to access some great benefits such as O2 Priority, O2 Extras, and Volt boosts, and new customers of either Virgin Media or O2 can also access these benefits should they choose to take out a deal with the other brand. 

Can I get Sky TV on Virgin Media?

Sky TV channels are often available through Virgin Media broadband and TV deals. By selecting one of Virgin Media's Bigger Combo or Volt bundles, you can access a wide variety of Sky TV channels as part of your broadband deal, including the likes of Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, depending on the plan you choose.

Broadband deals comparison

Virgin Media broadband deals aren't the only way you can save on your home broadband plan right now, some of the UK's best broadband providers have great deals available right now, check out the best broadband deals currently available below.

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