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The best NBN 25 plans are suited for one or two people who want to browse the web at the same time, stream music and stream video in HD quality – or potentially a single 4K video stream. They come with a maximum download speed of 25Mbps, and the average cost of a plan currently sits at around AU$70 a month.

You can easily spend less than that each month, with 11 NBN providers coming in under that number, meaning there's plenty of choice when searching for the best plan for your household. 

We've given you a helping hand further down by picking our favourite provider across three different categories: best overall; the best fastest and the outright cheapest. We have continued to select Flip as the winner for all three categories, but we've given special mention to a few other telcos that you may want to check out. 

If you’re currently on a 25Mbps plan but you’re wanting to move up to something faster, you may want to check out the best NBN 100 plans and take advantage of the NBN Co's free fibre upgrade program. Alternatively, the equipment already at your premises will be able to support the best NBN 50 plans

Noteworthy NBN 25 deals

You’ll see our hand-picked choices for the best value, most affordable and fastest NBN 25 plans below, but before we get there, we’ll show you what’s on offer in terms of deals and discounts in the NBN 25 space.

Best NBN 25 plans

Please note that all plans listed below come with unlimited data and run on a no lock-in contract basis, meaning you are free to switch providers whenever you wish, if the service you receive doesn't meet your expectations.

Best overall NBN 25 plan

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Flip | 25Mbps | AU$44p/m (first 6 months, then AU$54.90p/m)

Flip is our choice for the best NBN 25 plan overall, and it has been for a long time now. With so many of the NBN providers in this speed tier offering a typical evening speed of 25Mbps, our recommendation really comes down to price. Flip’s NBN 25 plan will cost you AU$44 a month for your first six months, before increasing to AU$58.90 each month ongoing. 

• AU$44 minimum cost
• AU$617.40 first year cost
• AU$706.80 ongoing yearly cost

Also consider...

Spintel | 25Mbps | AU$49p/m

Spintel | 25Mbps | AU$49p/m (first 6 months, then AU$59.95p/m)

Spintel is another great choice at this speed. For a time, Spintel only advertised 20Mbps typical evening speeds (and 25Mbps during off peak hours) but that now appears to have changed, with the telco now promising the maximum speeds during all hours. 

• AU$49 minimum cost
• AU$653.70 first year cost
• AU$719.40 ongoing yearly cost

Best fast NBN 25 plan


Flip | 25Mbps | AU$44p/m (first 6 months, then AU$54.90p/m)

Not only is this plan from Flip the best overall value and the most affordable NBN 25 option, it’s also among the fastest available. This plan offers the maximum typical evening speed of 25Mbps, and while there are plenty of other providers in this speed tier which do the same, none do so at such a competitive price. You’ll get a discount of AU$14.90 each month for your first six months, so this plan’s a real winner.

• AU$44 minimum cost
• AU$617.40 first year cost
• AU$706.80 ongoing yearly cost

Also consider...

Mate | 25Mbps | AU$45p/mKERR20

Mate | 25Mbps | AU$45p/m (first 6 months with code KERR20, then AU$65p/m)

Mate also deserves a shout out for one of the fastest NBN 25  plans due to its upload speed promise. Of all the NBN providers we monitor, Mate quotes the fastest upload speed of 10Mbps. Most other providers advertise 8 or 8.5Mbps, while some others dip as low as 4Mbps. 

In reality, a few megabytes may not make a huge difference, but upload speed is important if you're carrying out video calls or uploading large files. We also like Mate's pricing, and the telco also offers a one month money back guarantee, so if you're not happy with the service, you'll be refunded. 

Mate also offers bundle options and further chances to save when you add on a mobile SIM plan. 

• AU$45 minimum cost
• AU$660 first year cost
• AU$780 ongoing yearly cost

Cheapest NBN 25 plan


Flip | 25Mbps | AU$44p/m (first 6 months, then AU$58.90p/m)

Flip’s initial discount makes it the cheapest NBN 25 plan we can find, and the price still remains the lowest available after your first six months. You’ll get AU$14.90 off every month for your first six months, saving you just under AU$90 right out of the gates. Even when this plan returns to its standard cost of AU$58.90, it’s still very cheap for an NBN 25 plan. For comparison, the average monthly price of the NBN 25 plans we monitor is AU$70.

• AU$44 minimum cost
• AU$617.40 first year cost
• AU$706.80 ongoing yearly cost


How fast is NBN 25?

Aside from NBN 12, the speed offered by NBN 25 is the slowest of the NBN tiers, with download rates up to 25Mbps and uploads of between 4Mbps and 10Mbps, depending on your plan.

These speeds may be affected by the type of connection and signal strength within your home, but it’s less likely to be impacted than the higher speeds by these factors, even during the peak busy period between 7pm–11pm. Among the NBN providers monitored by TechRadar, the advertised typical evening speed is 25Mbps on average.

How much does NBN 25 cost?

A good majority of telcos offer their NBN 25 service for about the same cost, with AU$65 monthly being a reasonable price to pay. The average monthly price for an NBN 25 plan is currently AU$70.

Most telcos with NBN 25 plans also offer an introductory discount, slashing the price by as much as AU$15p/m for the first half-year of your plan.

More premium telcos such as Telstra are at the other end of the spectrum, charging as much as AU$89 per month, but these plans will sometimes come with other extras such as a phone line or streaming service inclusion.

Can I get NBN 25?

If you’re not in a regional area or one of the few other locations that haven’t had a fixed line NBN service set up, then you’ll be able to get an NBN 25 connection. All connection types, such as fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) and hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC), are able to support NBN 25.

What providers have NBN 25?

There are very few (if any) providers at this stage not offering NBN 25, as it’s the go-to budget option on offer, but still promises enough speed for a lot of households to get by.

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