Black Friday VPN deals 2022: The promos we had and what to expect for 2023

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 have come and gone. We saw some great VPN deals from top providers that you may have missed, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until 2023 to snag a great deal.

Helping you to browse more securely and with improved anonymity, VPNs are constantly improving and becoming an ever more essential bit of kit. Incredibly fast, reliable, and boasting features to up your privacy while online, still it's fair to say the choice can be quite overwhelming. Luckily for you, there are some hefty discounts to help make the decision a touch easier - with all the below coming highly rated by us.

Throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year, the likes of PureVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN have introduced some tempting discounts, and even extended some of their plans. You can get the full download below with our summary of the best Black Friday VPN deals we saw in 2022.

Keep in mind that many of these exclusive promos are no longer available, but click through the links below to see current pricing or head to our VPN deals page for all the up-to-date promos! 

A quick note for our international readers – all prices are in USD.

Black Friday VPN deals: Quick links

2022's best Black Friday VPN deals

These were some of the hottest promos for 2022! We saw some excellent rates on our favorite VPN providers, including a TechRadar exclusive — 15% off PureVPN.

TechRadar exclusive!
PureVPN: 5-year plan | (opens in new tab)
TR Exclusive!

PureVPN: 5-year plan | $6.65 $1.13 a month | Code 'TECH15' (opens in new tab)
For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, PureVPN is a great buy with a huge 90% discount AND offers TechRadar readers an exclusive deal using the discount code TECH15. That brings the monthly rate down to just $1.13, and netting you a great VPN for years to come!

Surfshark: 2-year plan + 2 months FREE | $2.05 a month | Save 83% (opens in new tab)

Surfshark: 2-year plan + 2 months FREE | $2.05 a month | Save 83% (opens in new tab)
The best cheap VPN (opens in new tab) just got a lot cheaper! Surfshark is swimming fast with this Black Friday & Cyber Monday VPN deal, throwing in two free months to its 24-month plan. Get a whole 26 months of boosted cybersecurity with loads of great features for only $2.05 a month.

NordVPN: 2-year plan + 3 months free| $2.99 a month | Save 69% (opens in new tab)

NordVPN: 2-year plan + 3 months free| $2.99 a month | Save 69% (opens in new tab)
Upping its game this Cyber Monday, NordVPN has an epic offering with a huge discount on its 2-year plan (and 1-year plan as well). Not only can you snag one of our favorite VPNs for under $3/month, but you'll also get 3 months free. This is a great price for a powerful VPN — able to provide excellent security and geo-unblocking capabilities. 

PIA: 2-year plan + 4 months FREE | (opens in new tab)

PIA: 2-year plan + 4 months FREE | $11.95 $2.03 a month | Save 82% (opens in new tab)
Provider Private Internet Access (opens in new tab) is very much on the 'nice' list for Cyber Monday. It boasts a huge 10k+ server list and is improving its UX and feature list all the time. Pricing is a plus, too, with PIA throwing in an extra three months on three-year plans in its Cyber Monday VPN deal.

IPVanish: 69% off 1-year plan | (opens in new tab)

IPVanish: 69% off 1-year plan | $10.99 $3.19 a month (opens in new tab)
A well-rounded VPN, IPVanish's downfall is usually its steep prices and lack of choice when it comes to its plans. Boasting speeds of up to 800Mbps, at this price it won't disappoint. 

ProtonVPN: 50% off 2-year plan + 6 months free | $3.99 a month (opens in new tab)

ProtonVPN: 50% off 2-year plan + 6 months free | $3.99 a month (opens in new tab)
This offer from ProtonVPN isn't the cheapest, but even for Cyber Monday, with the quality of Proton's service, is well worth it. This 2-year deal will save you over $120 in the long run.

CyberGhost VPN (opens in new tab)

CyberGhost: 2- year plan + 4 months FREE | $2.03 a month | Save 84% (opens in new tab)
CyberGhost (opens in new tab) becomes a really affordable VPN if you're happy to put all your eggs in its security basket for two years. Sign up for 24 months and in its Cyber Monday VPN deal it will chuck in an extra 4 for free, meaning that the effective cost comes down to a rather spectacular $2.03 per month.

ExpressVPN (opens in new tab)

ExpressVPN: 1 year | $12.95 $6.67 a month with 3 months FREE (opens in new tab)
TechRadar's #1 trusted VPN for privacy and unblocking content worldwide. Get it today with a no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee. While it's not the cheapest VPN you'll find, you absolutely get what you pay for with ExpressVPN.

Black Friday VPN Deals FAQ

What to look for in a good Cyber Monday VPN deal?

Really, it comes down to what you're looking for and your budget. If you're after a top-shelf VPN, ExpressVPN is certainly more expensive than others at a rate of $6.67 a month (opens in new tab)

Otherwise, there are plenty (opens in new tab) of tempting, lower prices from providers that still offer fully featured, fairly powerful VPNs. Take PureVPN for instance, which has come in with the most affordable monthly rate for its 5-year plan, costing as little as $1.13 a month (opens in new tab) when you use the TechRadar exclusive discount code, TECH15 at the checkout. NordVPN is also offering a spicy deal on their 2-year plan for just $2.99 (opens in new tab), and you'll get 3 months free.

Or, if you're new to VPN and don't want to commit for a long-term plan before you've really got to grips with the tool, IPVanish's annual plan is currently working out at just $3.19 a month (opens in new tab).

You can rest assured any Black Friday and Cyber Monday VPN deals we share are only from those service providers we deem reputable and worth your hard-earned cash. Of course, it all comes down to what you want it to do.

When can I get the best Black Friday VPN deal?

Unfortunately, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 deals have come and gone, but there's always next year! Black Friday 2023 will certainly bring some more – perhaps even better – VPN deals just in time for the holidays.

This includes NordVPN, which had a fantastic 55% saving on its 2-year plan (opens in new tab). Surfshark had also entered the ring, offering 2 months free on its 2-year plan on top of an 84% saving (opens in new tab).

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What Black Friday VPN deals should I expect in 2023?

While many retailers and brands will typically hold some of their best discounts back to go big over Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, VPN providers do drop excellent offers on their subscriptions throughout the year. That said, now that VPNs are far more mainstream, there is far more demand for Cyber Monday VPN deals – and those services are nothing if not obliging in meeting user needs.

Many of the key players got involved last year, including ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark, and we're sure the same will be the case this year - keep it locked here for all the latest as they crop up. 

For the most part, there is an emphasis on big savings on longer-term plans, though some providers have been known to tag a few extra months for free on the end of plans, too. 

Is a VPN neccessary?

A VPN is a nifty tool to have in your arsenal, not only boosting your security and online anonymity, but optimizing your device so you can get far more out of it. 

By hopping on a server, your traffic will be rerouted, altering your IP address to appear as if you're somewhere else entirely. This means your internet activity is less likely to be tracked back to you, which, in turn, offers a range of perks. 

You'll be able to bypass geo-restrictions and access otherwise locked content, such as streaming BBC iPlayer outside the UK. This also means your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can't see what you're doing and potentially throttle your bandwidth when carrying out more data-demanding tasks, like streaming or gaming.

Of course, on top of those, more exciting features, a VPN allows you to more safely browse online, keeping your sensitive information under heavy encryption, away from prying eyes. You can find out more in our 'What is a VPN?' guide

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