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Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra plans in Australia (September 2021)

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UPDATE: Optus is the clear winner on ace value plans for the S20 Ultra, but if you're after the latest and greatest from this tech giant, check out the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans page to find your next dream handset.

If you want to get your hands on Samsung's premium device from the last generation now's a good time to do so because it's rather heavily discounted from a lot of telcos.

There’s three handsets available in the Samsung Galaxy S20 range – the Galaxy S20 is the entry-level option of the lot while the Galaxy S20 Plus has a few extra perks by comparison. Though if you’re wanting to go all out on the latest Samsung has to offer, you’ll want to take a look at the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

While the S20 and S20 Plus are mostly on the same playing field, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra arguably elevates the landscape of smartphones to a whole new level.

Editor's choice: best Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra plan

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB | 80GB data | 5G access | AU$128.68 p/m

If you're going for the top-of-the-line Ultra model with 5G, you'll want plenty of data and a solid 5G network – this Optus plan is perfect for just that. It packs in a hefty 80GB of data and manages to do so for AU$10 less per month than Telstra's 40GB plan.

Total cost over 24 months is AU$3,088.32View Deal

The cheapest Galaxy S20 Ultra plans updated live

Here we have a comparison of six of the best budget plans for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, updated live and ranked by the lowest monthly cost. We've chosen to just look at the 128GB model of the handset, as it's the most affordable, and have included plans that span a 36-month period for an even lower monthly cost.

Premium Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra plans updated live

For those looking for a plan with plenty of data, we've set up a tracker that compares the Galaxy S20 Ultra sorted by the most included plan data. There'll typically be a few bonus incentives in these premium plans as well, so keep an eye out for them when shopping around.

Find your perfect Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra plan

If you haven't found anything that suits your needs from the above plans, check out our widget below where you can fully customise, filter and compare all the available plans for the Samsung Galaxy S20, in any storage size configuration and from any carrier.

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