Best hard drive deals in the UK 2015

SSD, HDD, internal, external, laptop or desktop drives, wireless or wired


You never have enough storage, that's one of the unwritten laws of technology. That's why manufacturers have been defying physical limits to cram as much bytes as possible in as small a volume as possible.

The first 8TB hard disk drives have surfaced at an affordable price but still no trace of a 10TB hard disk drive. I covered as much ground as possible but if you find anything major missing out, would like to report a price mistake or broken link, please flag it up in the comments.

Best external portable USB powered drives (2.5-inch) deals

  • 500GB @Amazon @ £39.99
  • 1TB @Amazon @ £44.67
  • 2TB @Amazon @ £61.98
  • 4TB @Argos@ £69.99

Best Internal 2.5-inch laptop drives deals

  • 500GB @Saverstore @£30.28
  • 1TB @Amazon @£39.98
  • 2TB @Amazon @£73.81

Best external desktop drives (3.5-inch) deals

  • 2TB @BTShop @£54.99
  • 3TB @Amazon @£79.99
  • 4TB @Eclipse Computers @£111.30
  • 5TB @Amazon @£109.99
  • 6TB @Argos @£149.99
  • 8GB @Amazon @£199.99

Best Internal desktop drives (3.5-inch) deals

  • 2TB @Amazon @£42.92
  • 3TB @Amazon @£81.64
  • 4TB @Amazon @£116.85
  • 5TB @Morecomputers @£142.58
  • 6TB @PCWorld @£189
  • 8TB @BT Shop @£182.67

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What you need to know

  • I chose not to go for some low/interim capacities (1TB for 3.5-inch internal,320GB/750GB for 2.5-inch)
  • We haven't accounted for high differences between 2.5-inch drives (7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm and 15mm).
  • Sometimes, internal hard disk drives are more expensive than external hard disk drives. That's down to demand and supply mechanisms.
  • Specifications, Reliability, features or performance haven't been taken into account when drawing this list, only price/TB.
  • Everyone has his favourite brand and horror stories to tell.
  • Speaking of brands, there are only three hard disk brands around; Seagate/LaCIE/Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital/HGST.
  • Backup, backup, backup.
  • This pricelist will be updated every month. Prices do vary a lot. To find the right Amazon price, look for the "other sellers" tab.
  • Some drives are currently on preorder.
  • No refurbished, no ex-display, no second hand, only from reputable UK vendors, price doesn't always include delivery.