Cheap hard drives: 25 best deals in the UK for December 2014

External, internal, portable, desktop: here's your low down on drives


There are some amazing deals on cheap hard drives coming up this Christmas.

Samsung's M3 1Tb USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive is looking like a fantastic deal at £45.99 on Amazon.

If you're looking for a hard drive that has a lot more storage, then check out this offer from Toshiba on their Stor.e Canvio a 5TB external Hard Drive for around £160.

The Seagate STBV 5TB Hard Drive comes in at a little bit cheaper at £150 on Amazon. Both are similar in size and both have USB 3.0.

However if its Value for money you're after then the 4TB drives have some incredible price's at the moment. The SBTV 4TB Hard Drive from Seagate is only £99 on Amazon.

Solid State Drives are continuing to drop in price and you can get a 120GB Crucial Hard Drive for as little as £50 on Amazon.

Samsung are still offering some incredible prices as well with its 250GB EVO model costing around £80. Samsung look hard to beat in this category as they have some very competitive prices but also have the added value of their brand as you know you will get a quality Hard Drive when you buy from them.

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