Best hard drive and SSD deals in the UK May 2016

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There's never been more available to fill your hard drive space on your laptop or desktop PC. Movies, music, and those many Steam games you bought in the sale that you absolutely will play one day all need a home. On the plus side, storage manufacturers are constantly striving to make bigger and faster drives.

Directly below you'll find our latest highlights. Today's tasty deals include multiple sizes of 3.5-inch drives going up to 6TB. If you're wanting to give your laptop a boost, you'll want to check our latest SSD deals too.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

This Week's hard drive deal highlights

Sandisk 960GB 2.5-inch SSD | Now £165 | Scan

This was a good deal a couple of weeks ago at £196, so the reduction to £165 should not be missed! Seeing as the cheapest 1TB SSD is nearly £250, £165 for 960GB is much better value.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5-inch Hard Drive | Now £55 | Novatech

With most retailers charging over £60, this cheap internal drive is well worth a look if you're wanting to upgrade the capacity on an older PC.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB 3.5-inch Hard Drive | Now £96 | Amazon

This is one of the cheapest 4TB PC hard drives we've seen for a while and should provide enough space for most users.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

WD Green 6TB 3.5-inch SATA Desktop Hard Drive | Now £190 | ebuyer

Western digital are one of the leading brands for hard drives and this high end product is competitively priced for a 6TB drive. Larger drives start to leap up in price, so this is one to seriously consider.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

Integral 120GB P Series 4 2.5-inch SSD Drive | Now £25 | My Memory

A super cheap introduction to the world of Solid State Drives.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

SanDisk 480GB Plus 2.5-inch SSD | Now £98 | ebuyer

Running up to 23 times faster than a regular hard drive, this should give your laptop a serious boost.

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

If you prefer to browse through a larger collection, we've rounded up a selection of relevant retailer links for you below.

Cheap hard drive deals:

cheap hard drive and SSD deals

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