There are some cracking deals on cheap hard drives this month. Seagate's portable hard drive caught our attention with the cheapest 1TB 2.5-inch HDD on the market at just under £47. It is a USB 3.0 model with a classic charcoal black design and has a spinning speed of 5,400RPM. Interestingly, the manufacturer chose to include a rather long 120cm USB 3.0 cable plus a 2-year limited warranty. Great For those looking for an even roomier 2TB model which costs under £80.

If total capacity is what you're looking for, then check out this offer from Toshiba which is flogging a 5TB external hard disk drive for around £190. While it doesn't offer the cheapest per TB price on the market (that currently hovers around 3p per GB), it doesn't carry that much of a premium compared to 4TB or 3TB models like the WD Elements model which retails for under £83.

The average price of SSDs continues to fall down with Samsung leading the way. The company sells its 250GB model for under £100, which is as cheap as it can get. There are cheaper models like the Crucial M500 (£86 for £240) or the Kingston V300 (£46 for 120GB) but the Korean manufacturer simply outmuscles the competition when it comes to sheer marketing clout.

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