The Umbrella Academy season 4's first clip teases an intoxicating Netflix family reunion

The Hargreeves family gather around for an alcoholic shot in The Umbrella Academy season 4 on Netflix
We'll drink to the arrival of The Umbrella Academy season 4's first footage. (Image credit: Netflix)

Full spoilers follow for The Umbrella Academy season 3.

The first clip for The Umbrella Academy season 4 has been unveiled, and it reveals the Hargreeves siblings won't be spending the hit Netflix show's final season apart for long.

Revealed as part of the Next on Netflix 2024 montage trailer, the superhero series' fourth and final installment confirms we'll see the dysfunctional family reunite at some point – most likely when the world is threatened by some form of apocalyptic disaster. Again. We're not tired of this storytelling trope, honestly...

But we digress. Take a look at The Umbrella Academy season 4's first footage below (skip to the 0:32 mark):

There's very little (read: absolutely nothing) we can read into the very brief clip, but at least the Hargreeves children (is that the right term to use?) will join forces once more to tackle whatever looming threat is coming their way in season 4. 

In The Umbrella Academy season 3's final episode, the group's various members went their separate ways after the universe was reset and they lost their powers. Judging by the footage on show, it doesn't seem like they'll get their abilities again by this point in the story, either. Indeed, a quick look at the less muscular Luther proves that'll be the case.

Still, at least the brothers and sisters look like they'll be enjoying themselves once they're reunited on the world's best streaming service. The clip also shows them taking shots together, which might be a Last Supper-style drink-based get-together before they set off on a new adventure. Is this the scene before they potentially get the superpowers back? A therapeutic meeting where they all get their grievances off their chests? Or is it the alcohol-based beginnings of the popular show's signature dance number sequences? Any and all of these three options sound good to us.

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The last we heard about The Umbrella Academy's fourth season was at Netflix Tudum 2023 in November last year. Back then, the cast sat down to reveal that season 4 will 'hit the ground running' in the hit Netflix show's 'bittersweet' final entry. Before that, we learned that The Umbrella Academy season 4 would arrive in 2024, provoking fans to begin a search for story-based clues via its official poster. The successful Netflix series was previously confirmed to be meeting its apocalyptic end upon its fourth season renewal in August 2022, too.

It could be a while before we find out when the show's final bow will debut on Netflix, but we hope it'll be better than its predecessor. In our review of The Umbrella Academy season 3, we called it "the peak definition of 'good, but not great'" and "a frustrating mix of good and bad ideas". Fingers crossed, then, that one of the best Netflix shows (overall, we should point out) goes out with a bang later this year, albeit not one of the world-ending variety.

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