Netflix debuts first clip of Squid Game season 2, and Gi-hun is on a John Wick-style quest for revenge

Seong Gi-hun takes a call from Squid Game's in-universe creators in season 2 of the popular Netflix show
We're getting John Wick and/or Taken vibes from this first official clip. (Image credit: Netflix)

Full spoilers follow for Squid Game season 1.

The first clip – albeit a very brief one – for Squid Game season 2 has been unveiled by Netflix, and it seems Gi-hun will be on a quest for revenge in the hit show's next entry.

Debuted as part of its Next on Netflix 2024 montage trailer, the streaming giant gave us our first official look at Squid Game's highly-anticipated next installment. Based on Seong Gi-hun's determined and slightly foreboding facial expressions, it seems the gambling addict (and survivor of the series' first season) is preparing to chase down those in charge of the battle royale-style game.

Take a look at the clip below:

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The clip appears to be the very first scene we'll see in Squid Game season 2. It picks up in the immediate aftermath of its predecessor's finale, which saw Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) refuse to board a flight that Squid Game's in-universe creators wanted him to. 

Indeed, the season 1 finale saw Gi-hun engage in a curt telephone call with those at the helm of the titular games, before hanging up when they tried to coerce him to get on said plane. Season 2's first clip shows Gi-hun walking through an airport terminal after he ends the call, but he reconnects with the group moments later after they phone him back. 

When they threaten him by saying "You're going to regret the choice you made", Gi-hun ominously responds: "I will find you. No matter what it takes", before hanging up once more. Yeah, it sounds like he's ready to embark on his own John Wick-style quest for retribution – and we can't wait to see what happens next.

Playing the guessing (Squid) game

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It's high time that the world's best streaming service revealed some actual footage for Squid Game season 2. It's been over two years since the survival drama series' first season became the most-watched Netflix series of all-time, with Squid Game earning critical and commercial acclaim amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 

While we've had a real-life reality competition spin-off in Squid Game: The Challenge to immerse ourselves in between seasons, we're desperate for one of the best Netflix shows ever made to return to our screens. Season 2's first clip, then, has satiated us for the time being.

We haven't only received our first look at the wildly successful show's return, however. In a Netflix Tudum piece accompanying the trailer above, we also learned a morsel of information about Squid Game 2's plot. Indeed, a brief logline for the series' sophomore season reads: "The highly anticipated second season will follow Gi-hun as he abandons his plans to go to the US and starts a chase with a motive."

That doesn't give anything away, but I'm certain fans will be quick to start theorizing what it could mean for the direction of season 2's story. Oh, and we still don't know when it'll actually be released – previously, Netflix only confirmed Squid Game season 2 would be released in 2024, so we're none the wiser about its locked-in launch date. Anybody else get the feeling that Netflix is playing its own Squid Game-like guessing game with us right now? Just give us the date and let the hype begin, guys.

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