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What Laptop awards: nominations announced

Did the Aspire 8920G make What Laptop's list?
Did the Aspire 8920G make What Laptop's list?

Nobody can deny that 2008 was a great year for laptop manufacturers.

With more and more companies pushing the laptop has the computer of choice both in the home and on the go, and with companies like Asus breaking the mould when it comes to budget computing, the shiny world of portable computing has never looked brighter.

And that's why What Laptop's 2008 awards is one of the most important ever, reflecting a changing and altogether burgeoning market.

New categories

So, what manufacturers have made the list, and what machines have been nominated? Well, this year sees a total of 12 categories, ranging from 'Best Laptop for Business' to 'Best Peripherals'.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that two new categories have been added to the mix.

These are: 'Best Netbook' and 'Best Mobile ISP'. Both of these categories have been added to best reflect this change in mobile use.

For a complete rundown of this year's nominations, check out We would list them here for you, but that would ruin the surprise now, wouldn't it?