This Sodastream Terra deal just made reducing plastic waste even cheaper

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Doing your bit to reduce plastic waste just got a whole load cheaper with this Amazon deal on the Sodastream Terra. 

The sparkling water maker machine, complete with a reusable BPA-free water bottle and a 60L gas cylinder, is almost half price; reduced from £109.99 to a £60.

The 45% discount is available on the black version of the Sodastream Terra only, and if you prefer the white version you'll have to fork out a little extra because its currently up at £79.99. 

(Not in the UK? Scroll down to see the best Sodastream deals where you are).

SodaStream Terra is 45% off

Sodastream Terra: £109.99 now £60 at Amazon

Sodastream Terra: was £109.99 now £60 at Amazon
Get the Sodastream Terra in black, complete with a reusable BPA-free bottle and a 60L gas cylinder. As the name suggests, Terra is easier on the earth than buying bottle after bottle of plastic pop. 

Sodastream is one of the leading names in sparkling water maker machines, and the Terra is one of its entry-level models that adds a little sparkle to plain tap water at the touch of a button. And while they were popularized a good 50-odd years ago, SodaStream is alive and kicking today, and especially relevant as we aim to minimize single-use plastic bottle consumption.

You can also pick up a range of flavorings to add to your carbonated water to create soft drinks, with brand names such as Pepsi and 7UP providing SodaStream compatible concentrates, while there are also generic cola and tonic syrups, kombucha, ginger ale, and other fruit-based syrups available. Drinks at home will never be the same again!

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