This budget air fryer is down to the lowest price we've ever seen in the run up to Amazon Prime Day

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Air fryers are quickly becoming a kitchen best-seller in the UK and we've just spotted one of our favourite models is discounted as we approach Amazon Prime Day.

While there are plenty of options today, we specifically recommend this Cosori Pro LE L501 air fryer for £59.99 (was £99.99) at Amazon. Not only is it one of our most highly reviewed units, but today's price is the lowest we've seen, with a massive 40% discount making this an incredible deal.

We're particularly fond of the Cosori Pro air fryer here at TechRadar, and we can't help but love it more with a generous £40 discount. Not only is this a not-to-be-missed price, it's the lowest we've ever seen it retail for.

Cosori Pro LE L501 air fryer: £99.99£59.99 at Amazon

Cosori Pro LE L501 air fryer: was £99.99 now £59.99 at Amazon
If you're on the hunt for that perfect air fryer, then the Cosori Pro LE was already a good choice, but add in this 40% discount, it's a fantastic choice. Not only does it look great thanks to its sleek exterior, but it yields great results on everything from fries to chicken wings. We really liked this model when we reviewed it a while ago and today's deal on Amazon  brings it down to the lowest price we've seen.

We've picked out this Cosori Pro specifically because it sits at number two on our best air fryers buyer's guide. Today's discount offsets the usually relatively off-putting price, making it a great option if you want to pick up a sleek design that performs admirably and runs quietly.

In our Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 review, we found this model absolutely great for most of the usual home kitchen air frying applications. The 'fries' preset in particular is good for cooking up delicious chips that are crunchy on the outside while soft and fluffy on the inside. One tip, however – we recommend cooking fries for an extra 5 minutes over the preset's standard 25-minute timing for the best results.

The Cosori Pro LE L501 comes with a handy recipe book that we found quite useful during our testing, too. We followed the wings recipe, for example, and the result was a batch of deliciously tender and succulent chicken wings. The book itself has over 30 recipes with a further 100 available via the optional Corosi app, so there are plenty of options to experiment with.

With all that said, the Cosori Pro LE L501 isn't perfect, however. As we previously said, we found the presets a little on the short side for some applications. If you're cooking things from frozen, for example, you'll probably want to experiment with slightly longer cook times to get evenly browned results. Luckily, the Cosori Pro's handy shake reminder can aid with this.

If you're hungry for some more deals, there's plenty more to be found in our pick of the best Amazon Prime Day air fryer deals.

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