ISAW Edge review

Big features and a small price make the ISAW Edge a real GoPro action cam alternative


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The quality of the footage lives up to the quality of the rest of the camera. Video is clear and crisp with no sign of vignetting at the edges and a decent sharpness across the frame. Low light performance is limited, as it always is with these small cameras, as the footage looks noisy and has limited dynamic range with dull color. In bright conditions, however, the colors leaps out with a good balance of saturation and contrast without the over-saturation or the loss of detail that is common with many cheaper action cameras.

Using the different resolution and frame rate settings gives you a good variety of options, and the 4K mode produces usable footage as long as there isn't too much motion going on within the scene. As soon as the pace of action picks up, this camera's 10fps limit for 4K video really starts to become apparent. Reducing the resolution down to 1080p allows 50fps in PAL, 60fps in NTSC, and the smoothness of footage really improves and looks great. By reducing the resolution down to 720p you can then capture footage at 120fps, though to get a slow motion playback effect you will need video editing software in order to change the playback speed to 30fps for a 4x slow motion effect.

Battery life is always an important consideration for an action cam and in real-word use we averaged around 80 minutes on a single charge, which is about average. This time included checking and changing settings, using the Wi-Fi connect for around five minutes, and reviewing as well as recording footage. ISWA claims 100 minutes of battery life which would sounds like it might be achievable if you're just recording.

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We liked

Although the design is familiar, there are significant changes to the design and usability that make the ISAW Edge easier to use than the Hero4 series. The LCD, although small, works perfectly for composition and navigation. Video quality is excellent and the camera offers a good number of options to adjust the video resolution and frame rate.

We disliked

The design is well thought out and there are differences when compared with the GoPro Hero, but that doesn't detract from the fact that it does look very similar. The 4K video works well enough for situations with little to no motion, but 10fps isn't enough to capture smooth action footage.


As with the majority of action cameras these days, the ISAW Edge also comes with a fully featured app that works through Wi-Fi. This enables the usual range of features such as Live View and complete control over the camera's operation and settings.The ISAW Edge has an impressive feature set and is capable of capturing superb quality footage. Its design means that it will tend to be compared directly to the GoPro Hero4 Silver and Black and it's to its credit that it comes out pretty well.

Feature-wise it has plenty to offer and the navigation is easy and intuitive. For Pro users there are plenty of options and the build quality and compatibility with standard GoPro mounts is a real bonus.

At just under half the price of the Hero4 Black you can forgive the fact that it doesn't match the frame rates and some of the more advanced features. What the Edge does offer is a good, solid action camera that will enable you to capture superb quality footage at a decent price.

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