This Galaxy S24 deal has a secret exclusive bonus - just for TechRadar readers

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Been eying up that brand new Galaxy S24? TechRadar readers can get a handy little bonus when they preorder a device over at the official Samsung Store this week.

For a limited time, our readers will be able to get an additional $50 store credit at the official Samsung site - a handy little bonus that can be put towards a range of handy accessories like Galaxy Buds, chargers, or even a Galaxy Watch.

What makes this exclusive promotion so good is that it stacks on the already great combination of Galaxy S24 deals that are available at Samsung. Not only will you get this $50 credit, but you'll also get a free storage upgrade and up to $750 off if you trade in an old device. The $50 credit also stacks with a non-exclusive offering of up to $150 in store credit - which is open to all customers. 

It's worth noting that the bonus credit is mutually exclusive with the $50 bonus credit from the Samsung reservation campaign from the past few weeks. If you signed up for that prior campaign then you won't get an extra $50 - but it is handy if you're late to the party. 

Exclusive Galaxy S24 deal

Galaxy S24 series: up to $200 gift credit, free storage upgrade, and up to $750 off with a trade-in at SamsungExclusive

Galaxy S24 series: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">up to $200 gift credit, free storage upgrade, and up to $750 off with a trade-in at Samsung
Exclusive: TechRadar readers are among the lucky few to get exclusive access to a nice bonus Galaxy S24 deal at the official Samsung site. Not only can you get up to $750 off with a trade-in on an unlocked device at Samsung, a free memory upgrade, and up to $150 in store credit, but the official site is also gifting TechRadar readers an extra $50 in credit on top. Added together, you're getting a great deal on the phones themselves here and enough store credit to pick up some cheap accessories.

What other Galaxy S24 deals are there?

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Several sites are hosting Samsung Galaxy S24 preorders today with compelling deals but it's the larger carriers that have the biggest savings. Both Verizon and AT&T have impressive trade-in rebates of up to $1,000 off the premium models right now and up to $800 off the standard Galaxy S24. In some cases, this is enough to bag a device for free - and Verizon is also throwing in a free Galaxy Watch 6 and tablet for good measure.

The obvious caveat with these big carrier Galaxy S24 deals, however, is that you'll need a pricey unlimited data plan to be eligible for saving - and a new line to get the best possible discount, too. If you don't fancy this route, then a good alternative to check out is Boost Infinite's Infinite Access for Galaxy deal, which bundles together a device and an unlimited data plan for just $60 per month. Not only is that a super cheap price overall, but Boost also allows you to upgrade for free when the next generation lands. 

Check out our hub pages on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra to get a full low-down on these new flagships. Alternatively, see our hands-on Samsung Galaxy S24 review, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus review, or Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review pages for our initial thoughts on each device.

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