PSA: you can already reserve a Samsung Galaxy S24 and get $100 in credit

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Are you interested in kicking off the New Year with a shiny new Android flagship? A unique reservation campaign has cropped up at the Samsung Store this week, letting you reserve one of the brand's next-generation smartphones ahead of the official unveiling at the Samsung Unpacked event next Wednesday.

Why reserve? Well, not only will you get to jump to the head of the queue when preordering the next generation of devices (highly likely to be the Galaxy S24), but you'll also get up to $100 in store credit as a bonus gift. Based on previous launches, these reserve bonuses have been stackable with the various trade-in offers and free gifts we often see at launch, so it's well worth signing up if you're interested.

While no details have been confirmed by the brand - including the device's names - we'd be absolutely shocked if Samsung Galaxy S24 preorders didn't immediately follow the Unpacked event next week. Samsung's latest generation of smartphones has always followed this big January/February keynote, so we're almost certain to see the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra arriving extremely soon. 

Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S24 now

Samsung Galaxy S24: pre-register your interest and get up to $100 store credit when your preorder

Samsung Galaxy S24: pre-register your interest and get up to $100 store credit when your preorder
While the devices themselves haven't been officially announced yet, Samsung has already launched a reservation campaign for its upcoming new generation of smartphones - highly likely to be the Galaxy S24 range. Simply register using your email address at the official Samsung site to reserve your place and get a notification once preorders go live (likely 17th January). This reservation campaign is completely free and will score you up to $100 in Samsung Store credit with your preorder - enough to bag some cheap accessories!

Will the Galaxy S24 be worth preordering?

Samsung Galaxy S23 screen

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While no key features have been officially confirmed with the Samsung Galaxy S24, the brand's early promotion material seems to be emphasizing AI photography - potentially hinting at Pixel-like tools like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, as well as an improvement on the Galaxy S23 Ultra's already excellent zoom function.

In terms of design and display, we're not expecting that many improvements, but we do think that some devices in the range will carry the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, given the emphasis on AI in marketing. Whether this extremely powerful mobile processor comes to only the Galaxy S24 Ultra or all three devices is yet to be seen, but we'll know soon once the devices are officially unveiled next week. 

If you want a full low-down on the latest rumors and our predictions, head on over to our main Samsung Galaxy S24 hub page. You can also head over to our main cell phone deals page if you're interested in seeing what else is available this week.

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