Looking for iPhone 15 Pro accessories? Here are 5 Black Friday deals I can't live without

Black Friday Phone deals showing cases and power banks and nano charger
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I bought my iPhone 15 Pro Max on day one, but I'm always looking for cool accessories that will make it better and keep it going longer. Whether that's the coolest case (literally, on this list), the best charging and battery packs, or just unique tools that help me have fun, now is the best time to accessorize your iPhone, thanks to great Black Friday deals on all of my favorite accessories. 

It's been hard to find cases for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max since most case makers didn't anticipate the new action button. I've found a great solution that looks cool and also solves a problem the iPhone 15 Pro encounters. 

The new iPhone 15 also has a USB port instead of lightning, so if you're upgrading from an older iPhone, you still need to buy new chargers. I've got great charging suggestions, a cool power bank that works perfectly with the new iPhone, and even a unique USB-C cord to keep in your pocket.

My iPhone accessory must-haves

The first thing I do with my new iPhone or any new phone I buy, is put a case on it. The iPhone 15 Pro Max has a new Action Button instead of a mute switch, and that has caused problems with some case makers. You definitely want a case that has a real button and not a cutout opening for a switch that no longer exists. 

After the case, I need to charge my phone, and the new iPhone 15 Pro needs a new charger, thanks not only to the USB-C port but also to the faster charging speed that port allows. You'll want a charger that can reach at least 20W, but a 30W charger will really take advantage of the phone's potential.

iPhone 15 Pro Max case - Spigen Classic C1 MagFit

Black Friday phone deals banner showing Spigen C1 MagFit case in bondi blue

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There are plenty of great case makers out there, and I'm a fan of what Spigen is doing, especially its recent case designs. This Spigen C1 MagFit case is meant to evoke the original Apple iMac, especially when you buy it in the 'bondi' blue color that introduced Apple's all-in-one to the world. It's also a great iPhone case, and its on sale for 29.99 / £27.90 at Amazon (down from 64.99 / £32.99). 

If this case isn't inspiring, there are plenty of Spigen cases on Black Friday sale, including the Cryo Armor case (only $23.51 at Amazon) that helps keep your iPhone 15 Pro Max cool. There were early reports of this phone heating up for some folks, so a Cryo Armor case may help dissipate that heat. 

Spigen Classic C1:$64.99$29.99 on Amazon

Spigen Classic C1: was $64.99 now $29.99 on Amazon
This military-grade case is inspired by the original Apple iMac design, and you can even find it in the familiar bondi blue color. Don't let the good looks fool you, it's still tough enough to take a fall and magnetic for great MagSafe compatibility. 

Spigen Cryo Armor:$64.99$23.51 at Amazon

Spigen Cryo Armor: was $64.99 now $23.51 at Amazon
The Spigen Cryo Armor looks cool and it's very easy to hold, but that isn't where its power ends. Spigen says the Cryo design helps it dissipate heat, and with some iPhone 15 Pro owners complaining of hot phones, this case may be just the solution if you're a power user.  

iPhone 15 Pro Max charger - Anker Nano 3 30W charger

Black Friday phone deals banner showing Anker Nano 3 30W charger

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The new iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn't come with a charger, and not all charging plugs are created equal. While the older iPhone with Lightning used to top out at USB 2.0 speeds, the latest USB-C iPhones can charge must faster, in excess of 20W. In fact, the iPhone 15 Pro Max can charge closer to 25W (Apple doesn't publish the actual charging speed). 

That means you'll want a charging plug that can take advantage of that higher wattage to give you the fastest charge possible. Look for chargers in the 25W or higher range. This Anker Nano 3 plug charges up to 30W, which is nice if you have any devices that can charge even faster than an iPhone. 

Anker Nano 3 30W charger: now $20.99 at Amazon

Anker Nano 3 30W charger: was $29.99 now $20.99 at Amazon
This is a great deal on one of the most powerful small chargers you can buy, ounce for ounce. It offers more than enough power to charge an iPhone 15 Pro Max at top speed, and can handle any smartphone or tablet you throw it's way. It also folds up nice and small, easy to fit in a pocket. We've seen it just a few bucks cheaper, but this is still a great price on a necessary accessory. 

Portable power - Anker Nano 22.5W Power Bank

Black Friday phone deals banner showing Anker Nano 22.5W power bank

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The new iPhone 15 Pro Max has a huge battery, and it can certainly last all day... for some people. For folks like me - playing games on the train, taking photos of everything - a power bank is an absolute necessity. There are plenty to choose from, just check out our list of the best power banks. 

I like a small power bank when I'm on the go, and this Anker Nano 22.5W Power Bank gives me plenty of bank for my buck. It can charge my iPhone almost completely back to full power, which is impressive considering its tiny size. 

Best of all, it fits nicely under my iPhone and doesn't require long cords dongles. It's the most convenient charger I've found, even better than the bulky MagSafe chargers that make the phone much thicker. 

Anker Nano 22.5W Power Bank: $22.99$15.99 at Amazon

Anker Nano 22.5W Power Bank: was $22.99 now $15.99 at Amazon
The Anker Nano Power Bank is a must have for any smartphone owner, and now iPhone fans don't need to bother with a Lightning port, making this power bank useful for all your devices. This sale makes it a no-brainer, and pound for pound its one of the most efficient power banks you can buy. 

A portable stand and tripod: Peak Design Mobile Tripod

Black Friday phone deals banner showing Peak Magnetic tripod stand

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You don't know it, but you need a phone stand. It's a game changer, especially when it's this portable, magnetic Peak Design Mobile Tripod. You can go hands-free anywhere - like a cafe or library - and you'll appreciate the newfound freedom. It also makes a professional-grade photo tripod. 

The Peak Tripod is pricey, but it's worth the price thanks to amazing build quality and thoughtful features. You can adjust the tension of the tripod with an included wrench that magnetically fits into the legs. The whole tripod folds neatly into a wallet-size pack that attaches to your iPhone using MagSafe magnets. 

Peak Design Mobile Tripod:$79.95$63.96 at Peak Design

Peak Design Mobile Tripod: was $79.95 now $63.96 at Peak Design
This professional-grade tripod makes a perfect portable iPhone stand, letting you go hands-free wherever you want to look at your screen and do something else. It's expensive, but this sale knocks off $15.99, and if you throw in the photography potential, it's really worth the splurge. 

It's time to put it all to good use

These are just my favorite accessories to get you started, and there are tons of great options available from these companies if you are looking to add more gear to your iPhone collection. You can find more case design, more colors for the charger and power bank, and more cool gear from Peak Design as well. 

If you don't have an iPhone yet, now is a great time to find a deal on a phone as well. Here are our favorite Black Friday iPhone deals from the wireless carriers, major retailers, and even Apple itself

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