Nothing Phone 2 will let you remix glyph ringtones like a Swedish DJ

Nothing Phone 2 glyph composer
(Image credit: Nothing)

We are close to the launch of the Nothing Phone 2, and the company says we will see the sequel to its original artsy bargain phone on July 11, 2023. Until then, even Nothing Phone 1 owners have something to look forward to when the new phone launches, thanks to reunited Swedish DJ supergroup Swedish House Mafia. For its most recent device tease, Nothing has teamed with the DJs to showcase new ringtone and light pattern possibilities.

Nothing Phone 2 glyph composer

(Image credit: Nothing)

In a tweet to followers, DJ Sebastian Ingrosso, one third of the DJ team-up, posted a video showing how his sounds and effects will be used on a new Glyph Composer tool. Glyphs are what Nothing calls the unique pattern of LED lights on the back of the Nothing (1) phone, and this confirms that the Nothing (2) will have a similar pattern, though perhaps not the same.

The Glyph Composer seems to operate like a standard beat mixer, where you tap on a symbol to activate the corresponding sound while your track is recorded in time. The demonstration video shows off far more glyph lights on the new phone than we have on our current Nothing Phone 1, but otherwise the design and any extreme changes are unclear.

Hints at the Nothing Phone 2 look

We can assume that the Nothing Phone 2 will look very similar to the original, with the same general design as Nothing Phone 1, if we’re reading these hints correctly. The LED glyph on the back will be more versatile with more divided sections, but we don’t see significantly more lights or any new capabilities yet.

The Glyph Composer tool, as well as a Glyph Sound Pack featuring Swedish House Mafia, will be launched with the Nothing Phone 2 on July 11. Nothing also said that the Glyph Composer will come to Nothing Phone 1 devices, but seems to indicate that the new Glyph Sound Pack will be a Phone 2 exclusive.

Nothing has been admirably locked tight when it comes to leaks about its upcoming phone, and most of the information we have comes from Nothing CEO Carl Pei or some third party partner, like Qualcomm. Pei recently revealed a screen shot of his own phone’s home screen, and with a new phone only weeks away, fans assumed it could include new designs or details from the Phone 2.

Nothing Phone 2 glyph composer

Nothing CEO Carl Pei hinting about the new phone? (Image credit: Nothing)

Meanwhile, Qualcomm let slip months ago that the next Nothing phone would use one of its premiere processors, and Nothing later revealed that the new phone will use the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset. That same platform was recently included in Motorola’s ultra-premium Razr Plus 2023, so it’s no slouch, for sure. 

We expect to learn a lot more about the new Nothing Phone 2 in the coming days, and possibly more about pricing, since rumors peg the new phone as being much more expensive than the decidedly bargain-focused original. CEO Pei himself seemingly disputed this pricing leak on Twitter, though his playful nature leaves his actual meaning vague.

You can read all of our Nothing Phone 2 news and stay tuned as we follow the imminent launch.

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